Benefits of Internet Marketing for Companies and Customers

Benefits of Internet Marketing for Companies

Due to the global availability of the Internet, the advertising media used in Internet Marketing offer a company a direct and targeted communication and addressing option for Internet users 24 hours a day, which cannot be achieved in this form and to this extent by any other medium. Examples are advertising banners and online competitions on established websites.

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Depending on the industry and branch of the company, not only product information but also advertising material become outdated more or less quickly. Information and advertisements that were in newspapers or magazines yesterday can already be out of date today. As with product and company-related data, up-to-dateness is also important in Internet Marketing. Here, Internet Marketing offers considerable advantages compared to traditional media, as advertising material can be adapted to company needs within a very short time and with significantly less effort.

Image gain

The increase in the image depends on a balanced combination of content and current presentation technology of the advertising material, whereby the focus of priority between content and appearance can vary more or less depending on the target group, product, and company.

Addressing target groups

Through the targeted use of advertising material on appropriate Internet platforms, Internet Marketing offers companies an exact target group approach and thus significantly lower wastage than other communication policy instruments.

Optimization possibility

With the help of detailed statistics and web controlling measures, it can be determined exactly when, how many and via which advertising media users came to the company website, which pages they viewed, how long they stayed on the website and where they accessed the website have left again. This allows detailed conclusions to be drawn about visitor behavior on the website and at the same time the effectiveness of advertising material in order to optimize the use of advertising material or its design, if necessary.

Benefits of Internet Marketing for Customers

Discounts & special offers

Some companies now grant customers who order products or services directly over the Internet special discounts or special offers. Deutsche Telekom AG should be mentioned here as an example. For example, a customer saves 20 euros when ordering a DSL connection over the Internet. Such spontaneous discounts and special offers are based on the flexibility that results from the advertising material for the company in Internet Marketing.

Addressing target groups

Addressing the target group precisely is also an advantage for consumers. Through target group-oriented use of advertising material on topic-specific websites or in search engines, Internet users can very quickly find products that match their interests or needs. It is possible that the user has been looking for a certain product or service for a long time and has now found it through an advertising medium on the topic-related website.

Nowadays, nothing works without Internet Marketing if you want to be successful with your company. The targeted use in terms of the target group, instruments, and of course intensity is important for success.