Planning to Buy a Diamond Wedding Ring: Follow the 8-Step Approach

Planning to Buy a Diamond Wedding Ring: Follow the 8-Step Approach

Diamonds have their own aura and charisma. That is why we say diamond is forever. So, when it comes to choosing a wedding ring most ladies have a fetish for women diamond wedding rings. These rings are available in a plethora of shapes and sizes, adding stature to your personality.

But at the same time diamonds are expensive stones. Thus, it is important to take care of a few significant aspects when buying them online. Also, every person has a different perception and idea while buying the diamond rings. There is also a common apprehension that you don’t want to get your money ripped off. 

The following blog is going to help anybody who is essentially planning to purchase a diamond wedding ring online.

1- Select the perfect diamond ring shape

The first point from where you should probably start your journey of buying a diamond ring is choosing the shape and design of the ring. Every diamond ring has a unique shape. Frankly speaking, the choice of shape and design literally depends on your personal preference. 

But you need to take an important note here. Do not get confused between the cut and shape of the diamond. The shape is related to the stone’s appearance while the cut means the ability to reflect light.

If we talk about the popular diamond shapes, you may come across round, rectangular, square, heart, oval, and marquise.

2- The cut is as important as the shape

We have mentioned that the cut is as important as the shape of the diamond. The cut reflects the beauty and quality of the stone. But while most diamond merchants do not follow any cut grades through the round, brilliant is quite popular. 

A perfectly cut diamond will reflect more light and brilliance with minimal loss of crystal. If the diamond is not cut symmetrically or if the inclusions are not properly placed, it then rather becomes a fancy cut.

3- Pick the right carat weight

Well, this is one essential factor that literally depends on your and fiance’s choice. Does she love to wear a one or two-carat diamond ring? Do you want to position your stone on the top or make it more noticeable? You can consider different carat weights ranging from 0.25 to 3.0. Also, note that the carat weight is directly proportional to the price of the diamond.

4- Pay attention to clarity grade

The next crucial point to consider is clarity. The diamond should be crystal clear. It means that there should not be any imperfections or inclusions visible in the stone. The eye-clean diamond stone ring depends on the shape and is available in the VS-1-VS2 range. You don’t have to spend money on Flawless (FL) or Internally Flawless (IF) diamonds if low-grade diamonds are available for a reasonable price.

5- Narrow down search on the colors

Once you have finalized the shape, size, cut, and clarity of the diamond ring, it’s time to focus on choosing the color. Here you need to select the diamond that appears to be white. For instance, if you are choosing D or E diamonds, the color is not visible to the naked eye. Similarly, if you want to choose white diamonds at budget-friendly prices, then opt for the G to I range.

Additionally, you need to remember that various shapes reflect the color at different ranges. Hence, you need to choose the best color that perfectly balances the appearance of the diamond. This is because the price will depend on what shape you have selected. 

6- Make a comparison of similar diamonds

O.k. So, you have already selected all the important specifications based on your personal choice and preferences. Having that done it’s time for you to make a comparison of the stones that have the same resemblance. This will allow you to choose the diamond ring that you want to purchase.

While comprising the different diamond rings, you need to consider options such as the brilliance of the stone, eye-clarity, and the price. You also have to take into consideration some other factors like the symmetry, polish, and fluorescence of the stone. Also, don’t forget to consider the diamond’s 4Cs.

7- Verification of the certificate

It is extremely important to verify the certification of the diamond before making a purchase. Remember, you are investing quite a considerable amount of money in buying the precious stone. Experts recommend that GIA and AGS certified diamonds be the hallmarks of diamond jewelry. 

On the other hand, you need to avoid buying IGI and HRD diamond rings as they have inconsistent grading and are not very reliable.

8- Taking advice from an expert

Since you are planning to make a big investment while buying the diamond rings, it’s recommended to take expert advice. You can personally interact with the customer support executives of the online jewelry store to make things more clear. They can help you out in selecting the perfect diamond wedding ring according to your budget estimate.

Make the final purchase

Finally, in the end, when you have considered all the important aspects and verified the certificate, you can proceed with buying the diamond ring online.  Also, if you or your partner is not satisfied with the product, you can return the ring hassle-free.