DIY Tips to Fix A Sagging Car Roof Liner

With time, your cars’ roof lining fabric suffers much wear and tear. It also gets dirty with greasy fingerprints or scrapping luggage. Also, due to extreme usage conditions, the roof lining may get loose and separate from the board. For these reasons, you can follow simple DIY hacks to fix a sagging roof liner in no time.

Here we have some DIY tips for you to fix a sagging car roof liner. You can use these tips to fix the headliner of your car.


Gluing is the best method to fix the sagging roof liner from the corners or the edges. Always remember that regular glues are not much efficient in repairing, so look out for the best adhesive in the store. You can also use a spray that will help you to apply the glue evenly.

If you want to achieve the best results, consider taking out the headlining panel out of the car and apply the headliner adhesive at the back of the fabric and place it firmly.

Steam cleaner & Paint Roller

You can even try Steam cleaner & Paint Roller if the material has not loose too much. The steam cleaner assists in melting the glue of the roof lining, and the paint roller helps the fabric to set up evenly with no crease or wrinkle. This is an ideal option when the headliner is sagging around the edges.

Remember, over streaming can damage the headliner material, so use streamer for melting the hardened glue.

In case you are unable to tackle the sagging roof of your car, you should look for the best roof lining repairs. For example, suppose you live in Gold Coast, Australia, you can search online using keywords such as “car roof lining repair Gold Coast.”

Hairspray and staples

This is an unusual method that uses Hairspray and staples to fix your car’s sagging headliner. But this method is one of the cheapest ways to fix the headliner temporarily.

For this method, all you need to do is staple the sagging headlining with a staple gun on the board. After stapling, use your Hairspray to spray all around the headlining edges. Wait for it to get dry, and once the spray has dried out, you can remove the staples.

This method may seem meticulous at first, but it’s worth the effort you put into it. If you are looking for cheap, but a temporary fix solution then this method is the best choice to consider.

Sequin Pins

This is another quick fix option that won’t require much money or time. All you need are tiny 1/2 inch long pins which can easily slide into the foam between the fabric and your car’s metal roof.

When applying the pins, start from the middle and securely fix the pins to the entire ceiling using a diamond, circle, spiral or square pattern as it requires lesser usage of pins.

Double-sided Tape

The double-sided tape is a unique and quick solution to fix the falling headliner of your car. When setting your headliner, all you need is buy adhesive quality double-sided tape and place it strategically on all the loose points according to the need and place. Also, apply some pressure on the tape to make sure they stick to the roof’s frame firmly. The best thing with this method is that if you get the adhesive quality double-sided tape, the solution will give you a temporary fix as it adheres well to both the roof frame and the headliner material until you visit a professional.

If you are not sure how to deal with the sagging headliner, it’s probably best to find a professional service provider like car roof lining repair Gold Coast. You can also save yourself from the hassle and get a new headlining for your car.

Clear-Headed Twisted pins

Twisted pins are inexpensive and provide a real solution for fixing your car’s sagging headliner. These pins have a sharp pointed end and a head that is twist-able to keep the item firmly attached. When you push the pins against the backboard to fix the fabric, twist it softly, and the headliner will stick in place. You can use these pins to make a unique design on the roof liner of your car.

The best thing about using clear-headed twisted pins is that they won’t damage the backboard underneath with holes like other pins do.

The Final Words

Above mentioned were some of the easy, budget-friendly, and time-saving DIY that you can use to fix a sagging car roof liner. This may help in extending the life of the headliner, but you must also take the help of a professional repair service like car roof lining repair Gold Coast, for quick replacement of your car’s sagging headliner.