Meet Entrepreneur Tory Waligroski: The Guy Who Moves Mountains For his Clients

With the rising amount of people who want to gain a following on social media and the high amount of established content creators it is very hard for anyone to make a career out of it. Most people take a chance on their artistic photos or videos of their lives and hope that there will be an audience for it. The part where many fail is that they lack the entrepreneur skill set since being able to create a successful career on social media takes the same skills as one. Tony Waligroski could see all this happening but still decided to take his chance and decided to begin his venture as a content creator. In 2015 Tory decided to move to Los Angeles from his hometown in Daytona Beach, Florida. This was a very intimidating move since he had no following and no type of career security. After moving across the country to begin his career he started creating content for one of the most popular apps at the time, Vine. By identifying where he could gain an audience and by learning what they wanted to see he was quickly able to begin creating fun content. After finding out how to cater to his audience he quickly grew a following but he did not remain static. In order to grow his following he used his current followers to expand to a bigger audience. To create different types of content for more people to enjoy he had an array of non personal accounts in addition to his personal account. His personal account had almost a million followers while his non personal accounts had a combined following of over nine million. Tory knew he had to expand into other platforms so he tried Youtube for a while but even after creating a presence there he continued on to Instagram. With the loss of Vine he created a new venture on Instagram. Upon the discovery of the lack of cannabis content and advertising available on Facebook he decided to create the content that the industry lacked. He started creating cannabis pages in order to provide enthusiasts with a place to enjoy and provide cannabis content. He has created many popular pages over time and has since sold all except two. Tory currently still owns @baked and @weed, two very popular cannabis pages which have a combined following of over 1.15 million followers. Just has he did in the past, Tory once again used his following to expand and gain even more followers. He created the comedy page, @fuckboy, in order to provide high quality entertainment to a larger audience than the niche cannabis community. This page currently has 285 thousand followers. 


It seems undeniable that Tory is not only a social media influencer but an entire social media entrepreneur. He took advantage of every opportunity and resource he had and created an entire career out of it. The amount of people that move to Los Angeles to create a social media career is astronomical and most of them never get off the ground so it is very impressive that Tory was able to create so much in the brief time that he has been here. Nothing has been confirmed for what he has in store but considering how much he has continued to build and grow his career I do not doubt that Tory has more very impressive things in store.