Marko Stout – the Exceptional Talent NYC Possesses in Art

You name any adjective for quality and genius – Marko Stout fits the bill. He is virtuoso, prodigy, expert, genius and mind boggling artist, New York City has ever produced rather the entire US has ever produced.  He is a sensation, the whole American nation follows. Marvelous and quality are what are found vividly and massively in his work of art. Marko is an American contemporary artist quite popular for his gritty pop style with a focus on NYC and modern urban life.

The most interesting and catchy thing about Marko Stout is that he churns out work in a variety of media including painting, print, sculpture, photography, film, video and new media. He holds splendid grip on various types of art and this he has shown and proved through his works. People not only acknowledge his genius and credibility but also love him as an artist. His tour with his art installation ‘Chelsea Girls’ made him featured in the coveted world publication ‘Huffington Post’ that generated quite a big buzz in the media adding more sparkles to his already big popularity among his fans.

Marko Stout enjoys big fan following and this is the reason that he remains featured in all big wheel media. Insider terms him ‘New York City’s Next Superstar Artist’. Paper coins his work as ‘The Art of Cool’. Vents Magazine says ‘The Prolofic NYC Artist’. NewArk Now terms him ‘An Artist of Par Excellence’. Vechozen says ‘One of the Best Selling Artist of New York City’. Today Show narrates him as ‘The Most Relevant Artist in New York City’. Chicago Tribune utters ‘Dark, Raw and Gritty’. Splash Magazine goes ahead saying ‘Modern Day Andy Warhol’.

Marko Stout’s Erotic Allure Volume 3 video installation in 20 HD Monitors premiered at Tribeca Gallery in New York City recently last year in December 2019 which was adored by his fans and celebrities brigade. Marko Stout’s linear cinematic narrative is spread throughout the space generating an ambiance of eye candy magic. The photos and painting which he does with brilliance are mesmerizing and breathtaking. You just close your eyes and the vibrant color remains inside on your eyelids.

Every work he produces whether it is film, video, photography or painting – he is marvelously able to arrest the breath flow with the finesse in works. His fan following not only exists in masses but also in celebrities.