Important Features of a Rank Tracking Tool

Many people never thought that there would certainly come a day when they would definitely be able to pull the data of rankings in a much more accurate manner wherever and whenever they want. Some people have used Best rank tacking software that are basically web based and computer desktop tools for keyword rank tracking and none of them have certainly been able to come close with the speed that is usually generate by the keyword rank tracking software of Accu Rankers in terms of pulling data.

Everybody certainly should be in possessing of a keyword rank tracking software. That is precisely why you are doing the Search Engine Optimization right? Retrieval and Indexing are basically the initial two major functions of a search engine which usually does not matter too much with the Search Engine Optimization.

What you are really after in the keyword rank tracking software is the third function, that is ranking, this thus the main reason as to why you are here reading this article so that you can be able to get the essential features of a keyword rank tracking software. And that is precisely why the Best rank tacking software is certainly very essential.


Below are some of the important features of a rank tracking tool.

1) Cloud Based Auto Checker

For the people who are basically CEO for two or more business enterprise there is certainly just too much work for them to do and thus they most certainly cannot be able to afford to waste time opening a desktop keyword rank tracking application and checking their rankings in a manually manner. Do not get the wrong idea, there are certainly great keyword rank tracking application out there that usually run on the computer desktop, the thing is, it is just not many people’s slice of cake.
Possessing could base auto checking keyword rank tracker also offer you with the capability of comparing the historical data. Yes, you are very much capable of having the Best rank tacking software on your computer desktop application; however, if by any chance you miss tracking your keyword by just one week then your historical data will certainly be incomplete or get skewed. Thus it is not advisable for you to take that chance.

2) Accuracy

Some of the keyword rank trackers are usually screwed up. And by screwed up it typically means that they usually miss the spots. This practically means that you will be given inaccurate data for your keywords, which will most certainly result in you feeling like you just are very much incapable of trusting that rank tracker anymore.

You will also feel like you should just go ahead and check the rankings of the keywords that you are using in the search engine domain with the use of the Google’s incognito browser, which basically is really a bad idea. This is thus a reason as to why you most certainly should take this factor of accuracy into consideration.