Initially, you needed to have connections whenever you were moving to a new place. If you didn’t, you would go through the process by yourself. This happened to be very tedious and risky as many people would lose their belonging and end up being slaves in foreign countries.

Emergence of Immigration Consultants brought so many changes and less cases were reported by immigrants. To Move to sweden (Flyt til Sverige)  today, you only need to visit an online platform and hire a consultant of your choice.


In this article, we focus on the impact of these Immigration Consultants- both positive and negative:

Reduced number of Refugees

Getting into a country is easy but getting out is tricky. In the past, most people who immigrated with intentions of permanently settling down ended up being refugees. In most cases, these people had their permits and visas denied, lost their belonging including documents, while others were unable to put up with their host country’s standards.

Immigration consultants have reduced these numbers as they have taken the initiative of helping immigrants secure housing as well as guide them through the registration process.

High Scam cases

Most of immigration consultancy services are availed online. Since telling apart genuine from fake consultants is difficult, most immigrants have fallen victim to scam. Some have lost all their cash while others have had their belonging stolen. For others still, their information has been used to commit major crimes as they give it during consultancy. These end up spending their lives behind bars for crimes they did not commit.

Economic Impact

When immigrants fail to achieve their objectives and cannot travel back home, they look for other things to do. Most of them lacking white-collar jobs qualifications, end up in the streets. Here, they are involved in so many crimes. This also happens to children whose parents fail to meet their needs. The government spends so much in feeding and taking care of them while dealing with crimes.

Immigration consultants therefore help curb these by guiding all the immigrants in the right way and ensuring that they have fully settled down. They also make them aware of a country’s laws and policies, so that they won’t fall on the wrong side of the government.

On the other hand, most immigrants move with an aim of running businesses among other economic activities. Where the businesses are successful, the government is able to earn more revenue. The businesses also provide employment opportunities to the residents thus improving a country’s living standards.

Final Remarks

Immigration service providers have both positive and negative impact on individuals and governments. While people move from their home countries to others for various reasons, considering possible outcomes and prioritizing is crucial. Governments on the other hand ought to invest in immigration consultants as they largely impact their overall performance.

In this article we’ve focused on both the positive and negative impact of immigration consultants, top both the individuals and the government.


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