How to Get Some Alone Time and Why it’s Important

How to Get Some Alone Time
How to Get Some Alone Time

Spending time with yourself sounds like a nightmare to many people; especially extroverted people. However, alone time is crucial for personal growth and clearing your head. You often find yourself being cranky and rude to people if you have spent extended time periods with them.

One other thing most people struggle with is finding a place to be by themselves. Not to worry, we have compiled a list of places you can go to and activities you can take part in without the help and company of other people.

Here is our compilation:


Going on a camping trip is an excellent way to become one with nature and give your mind and body a well-deserved break. There are amazing spots in Georgia Campgrounds that you can set up a tent in, light a fire, and blow off all the tension you have accumulated thus far. You can lie under a starry sky and contemplate life. Essentially, just get your thoughts in order for the rest of the month or so.

The reason why camping trumps many other forms of outdoorsy activities is that you get to spend the night. There is a very long gap between the time you leave your home and the time you come back and it is more than enough to organize your thoughts.

Cabin in the Woods

Okay, hear us out: You do not need to own a cabin in the woods to take recluse in them. You can easily ask a relative or a friend to let you borrow a few nights in one, or you can rent it out online. In either case, it is an excellent way to become one with nature.

The great thing about cabins is that they include necessities like bathrooms, electricity, and even cable at times. Hence, you are not necessarily living in inconvenience, you have just limited real human contact and that is what you want for now.

The Beach

If you do not have the time or the resources to take lengthy outdoor recruits, try to take a trip to the beach by yourself. Try to catch either the sunset or the sunrise at the beach. In fact, spending a night in a beach hut and sleeping to the sounds of waves crashing on the shore is also a therapeutic experience.

All in all, spending some alone time at the beach just recollecting your thoughts is an excellent way to unwind and figure out what your mind is trying to tell you. You can also get in touch with your spiritual side while you are at it as well.


Fishing has been a favorite past time for many people over the years. Catching fish is rewarding, but for most people who are not in it for the competition, it is more about spending time with nature. Take up some fishing supplies, a little boat, and think about life while waiting for a bite. If you are lucky with a catch, you get to enjoy a delicious meal as well.

Living a simple and peaceful life like this for a while will help you stay away from your social life and give you some peace of mind.


Another amazing way to spend some alone time is by going hiking. Hiking or trekking to the top of a mountain is an amazing way to feel accomplished. It also helps you to familiarize yourself with nature and enjoy the beauty that Planet Earth has to offer.

You can sit on top of the mountain and think about life, take a quick nap, or just try to become one with nature. If you have hiked a few times before, it might be best to trek up a trail you are familiar with so that you can spend most of your time on your thoughts instead of anticipating new challenges.


If you like nature and greenery but are not an outdoorsy person at all, gardening might be your calling. If you don’t have a big lawn to put your skills to use, you can get some indoor plants, plant flowers on your windowsill, or use any small space to grow cute green plants.

You can learn gardening skills from a hobbyist you know, or just watch tutorials on YouTube. There are lots of places you can buy seeds and saplings from. It is a therapeutic activity and you will thrive in it if you do it by yourself.

Staying Home

Lastly, keep in mind that you do not have to plan elaborate trips to the outdoors or have to love nature to spend time with yourself. You can spend some quality time alone and figure out your life by staying home as well. Stream movies, watch TV shows, cook something for yourself, or do some online shopping. All of these activities are perfectly valid if they help you spend some quality time with yourself.

And you don’t have to do any extra planning for a Staycation either; just take a day off from school or work and make the best of it.

Why is it important to have some alone time?

Most of us work or study in an institution. We are constantly surrounded by other people, we talk to them, work with them, we are a separate entity with them. It is very easy to have your life jumbled up with that of your colleagues and lose sight of yourself.

This is why it is essential that you spend some time alone and try to figure out what you want from life. It might feel a little weird especially if you enjoy spending time around other people. But, having some perspective on your life is crucial if you want to be able to get out of ruts.

And one of the best ways to spend time alone is by being outdoors, under the sky, because while we still have our phones and televisions, we are still connected to the world and not truly alone.