Dredge Pump Market Foreseen To Grow Exponentially Over 2026

  • Dredge pumps are heavy duty slurry pumps used in the process of dredging. Dredging is a process of transporting underwater sediments such as gravel, sand, rocks, stones, mud, fine, and debris from one area to another.
  • Dredge pumps are high-pressure pumps powered by gasoline. They are used to suck up water, gold, and gravel, by pushing materials through header box or hose.
  • Dredge pump is a type of centrifugal pump with manganese steel liners or chrome carbide. It mainly consists of an impeller and pump casing. The impeller is connected to drive motor through a shaft and mounted into the pump casing.
  • Dredge pumps are of different types, ranging from conventional pumps to high efficiency pumps that include high pressure, medium pressure, and low pressure pumps. Moreover, dredge pumps are easy to execute and available in single and double walled varieties. They can withstand extreme forces, and can be used in less and most demanding operations in different industries.
  • Dredge pumps are configured for all kind of applications such as inboard, onboard, booster, and submerged, with the suction diameters ranging from 300 mm to 1,400 mm and more
  • Dredge pumps are powered by electric motor or hydraulic motor. These pumps are used for various applications such as floating water removal, floating placement, solids removal, and water supply.
  • Dredge pumps are used for economical dredging in all water depth conditions.
dredge pump market

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Dredge Pump Market: Dynamics

Key Drivers of Dredge Pump Market

  • Increase in urbanization, industrialization, and agricultural production activities in developed and developing countries are expected to boost the dredge pump market during the forecast period
  • Increase in awareness about environmental protection is expected to drive the dredge pump market during the forecast period
  • Marine industry is considered as a prominent user of dredge pumps. As dredge pumps are used in TSHD (trailing suction hopper dredger). A trailing suction hopper dredger is a ship used to maintain navigable waterways with the help of dredge pumps. This, in turn, is a major factor driving the dredge pump market.
  • Dredge pumps are used to drain water and wastewater in municipal sector and oil industry. This is anticipated to boost the dredge pump market in the next few years.
  • Doing different operations in different industries such as mining and mineral, construction, metallurgy, chemical industry, pulp and paper, energy and in manufacturing plants by the use of dredge pumps, can drive the dredge pump market
  • Government regulations for waste and effluent management are expected to drive the dredge pump market during the forecast period

Asia Pacific to Hold Major Share of Global Dredge Pump Market

  • Asia Pacific is expected to account for significant share of the global dredge pump market during the forecast period due to rise in urbanization, industrialization, and constructional activities with large investments. This, in turn, is expected to have a positive impact on the dredge pump market over the forecast period.
  • Rapid industrialization and fast growing economy in India and China are likely to fuel the demand for dredge pumps
  • Economic situation across the world is complicated with many uncertainties in the next few years. The dredge pump market in North America and Middle East & Africa is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period due to increase in demand for dredge pumps in marine and oil industry.
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Dredge Pump Market: Competition Landscape

Key Players Operating in Global Market

The global dredge pump market is highly concentrated with top manufacturers accounting for approximately 25%–30% of the market share. A few key players operating in the global dredge pump market are listed below:

  • Grundfos Pumps
  • Kirloskar Brothers
  • KSB
  • Lishen Pumps
  • Ruhrpumpsen Group
  • Shengli Pumps
  • The Weir Group
  • Walrus America
  • Halliburton
  • Schlumberger Limited
  • Ebara Pumps Europe S.p.A.
  • Falcon Pumps
  • Flowserve Corporation
  • Pentair plc.

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