8 Ways to Reduce Stress When Traveling for Work

8 Ways to Reduce Stress
8 Ways to Reduce Stress

Workplace stress can be very intense and very daunting as well. And sure, traveling for work may seem really glamorous at first but it is nothing like a vacation. You are in a whole new place, with different people with whom you must interact, and lots of work with a deadline. In fact, many people who travel frequently for work report that they don’t get a chance to get out of their hotel room or their office.

Naturally, these situations create a rather stressful environment. So how do you tackle the stress and make the most of your time in a strange land? Let us find out:

Find time to Look Around

Every city and even every little small town has a rich history and something interesting to offer. So even if you do not find time to go sightseeing or catching the “vibe” of the new place, it will still benefit you to do some exploring on your own.

In fact, you can even talk to your corporate travel booking service beforehand for a rundown of what the best places to visit are.

One of the biggest reasons we get stressed about work in a foreign place is that we are unfamiliar with everything there. When you familiarize yourself with the happenings of the city, you will automatically find that you are less stressed out.

Work in a Busy Area

Another reason why so many of us feel stressed and depressed working in a new place is that we are all alone. You will feel even more isolated and depressed if you coop up in your hotel room with no other people in sight.

This is why it is a great idea to sit out in the hotel lobby or a coffee shop if you have to work away from the office. When you are surrounded by the happenings of the city, you become a little more invested in the place and a little less stressed than you previously were.

Talk to Your Family Back Home

There is nothing quite as therapeutic as talking to your family back home. These are the people that care about you the most. You love them too. And, they are home.

So talk to them in your free time. Talk about your day and vent out about the things that are stressing you out. But remember to ask them how things are back home as well. Listening to the shenanigans happening back home will help you to remember home and how you will be back there and comfortable like anything.

Try to video chat as seeing a familiar places in an unfamiliar land will give you the courage to march onward like a warrior.

Make New Friends

Try to make new friends in this new and foreign place where you are. These could be work buddies that you don’t talk to all that often, they could also be locals that also frequent that coffee shop you visit so much.

Friends will help you feel less lonely and you can explore the town with them in your free time. And yes, traveling with another person is usually a lot of fun.It would be better if they are local so you can really see what this new place is all about.

If anything, having people you can talk to will help greatly in reducing your levels of loneliness in this place.

Exercise in the Morning

There is no better way to start the day than with a bout of exercise. You can exercise however you want: go for a mile run, rent a cycle if you can and ride it, do a cardio set, lift some weights, or just do some Yoga. In fact, walking to work is also a perfectly valid form of physical exercise.

Research has shown that exercising in the morning can help you release more energy throughout the day. It can also give you a surge of dopamine and serotonin at the beginning of the day which will keep your mood fit and happy for the rest of the day. And once you spend so much of your energy and hormones on your exercise, you will probably not have enough to spend on being stressed out so much.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep in the night has also been directly linked to being stressed out and cranky throughout the day. If you have had a hectic day at work and are really, really tired, come back to your hotel room and sleep. It will serve you better than going out and exploring the city or doing any other night-time activity.

Once you have had eight hours of sleep, you will wake up in the morning fresh as a daisy, and you will be able to tackle the rest of the day head-on.

Go Shopping

Retail therapy is one of the best forms of therapy and I stick with that claim from my heart and soul. If you are ever stressed out, go buy a thing or two. Many times it doesn’t even have to be something expensive.

In fact, if you don’t want to buy anything for yourself, get some gifts or trinkets for your loved ones back home. Every place sells ornaments and souvenirs that are special only to them.

In fact, if your family members ask you to get something specific for them, you can even get on a call with them and look for whatever they want.

Be Efficient

Stress makes many people a little lazy as well. They procrastinate for hours because they are too anxious about their work. So try to not fall into this vicious cycle and be as efficient as possible.

Plan your day out and stick to it. Try to give yourself breaks in the middle and don’t make the plan too rigid.

It would help to keep a to-do list as well. Even if you don’t cross out all the items on the list in one day, there would be enough things to keep you motivated.