10 Catchy Trade Show Ideas to Rake in New Clients

10 Catchy Trade Show Ideas to Rake in New Clients
10 Catchy Trade Show Ideas to Rake in New Clients

Trade shows can be hit or miss events. Most people believe that only well-established or flashy companies can rake in a considerable audience in a trade show but that is only half of the truth. In reality, you can make the exhibition a huge success for you if you are smart about the display of your booth and how you run it.

And remember that reeling in new clients is not the only reason to attend a trade show. You will learn to build communication with other companies, getting to know how other brands built themselves up, and how to come up with innovative ideas.

Get the Word out as Soon as Possible

Do not wait for visitors and potential clients to discover you at the trade show. It is best if you get the word out that you are going to be setting up a booth at such and such event on this date. Try to make use of social media marketing as well so that the message reaches as many people as possible.

Try to make the message as innovative and catchy as possible so that people immediately recognize you when they see you at the exhibition. Many people who are actually interested in what you are offering will actually look out for you instead of waiting to run into you.

Talk About your Products

While at the exhibit, make sure you talk about your product as much as you can. If anyone visits your booth or shows some interest in it, make sure someone from your team discusses your product with them. Even if they are not interested in buying, they might spread the word for people who are.

Impart a cozy atmosphere

Make sure your booth is cozy and welcoming instead of too loud and overwhelming. While you should make sure that your booth is noticeable, it should not confuse or irritate people who might want to visit because of an obnoxious design.

Make it so that the booth is welcoming. Greet the visitors, discuss the product with them, give them options on how to avail your services or anything of the sort. If possible, set up a couple of chairs or couches so that the visitors who are really interested can sit and have a chat with the representatives there.

Communicate with the Visitors

No matter how self-explanatory you believe your display is, keep in mind that anyone who visits your booth will need an in-depth discussion to figure out what you are trying to sell to them and how you are different from your competition.

So talk to the visitors. Sit down with them and answer their queries. Also, talk about why they should choose you. Your communication skills might be the selling point for many potential clients!

Create an Interactive Environment

Have touch displays, lots of monitors, games, and other kinds of interactive sessions help people understand your services even better. People selling skincare products keep microscopes to show skin ailments to people, companies selling energy drinks can host a concentrating game session, etc. Point is, there is a lot you can do with the space you have.

Host a Panel Discussion

Panel discussions are crucial for people to understand your product. You can host a Facebook event page to get the word out for the panel discussion. You can also create a stir about the discussion at the event itself so that interested people can come and take a look. Discussions and talks are some of the main reasons why people attend tradeshows, to begin with, so it is best that you take advantage of that statistic.

Hold a Guest Appearance

It is imperative that your guest be someone who can endorse your product or services from experience. While celebrities and other famous people are great for reeling in a crowd, you can almost be sure that not many of these people will be serious clients.

Make sure you talk about your guest appearances in your social media posts before the event so that people who are really interested will show up as well. Make the guest not only endorse the product but also discuss it with the visitors.

Hire a Design Company

A trade show design company, though a teensy bit pricey, will make your life easier when it comes to the booth design. They definitely have a lot of experience in attracting people to the booths they designed so it is best that you let them do their jobs as pros.

This way, you can ask for a sustainable design that you can use over a long time period, and you focus on other things like dealing with customers and marketing, all the while not compromising on the overall productivity of the event itself.


People love free items. Many people will take free items that they don’t even have a use even if they are free. So use that mentality to your advantage and host a giveaway at the end of the day. People will come to your booth to enter the giveaway and take a good look at whatever you are offering.

Just make sure the giveaway items are known by the people and they are actually items that will excite a wide audience.

Alternatively, you can also give nice goodie bags to all the people entering your booth with less valuable items. People will literally go for anything that is free.

Small and Catchy Design

Large booths are intimidating. People mostly look towards large booths if they are of well-established brand names. Otherwise, they believe they will come out confused and with minimal knowledge of the product.

So while your design must be outstanding, the booth must not be giant either. People who did not initially know about your services can also look around as they are passing by and maybe find something they want on the way. Also, the people who knew you were coming to the event will be pleased by your modest setup.