Here’s all about Furkan Aibani also known as savagenewsfurkan – talented conspiracy and horror story creator on social media

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His family has always supported him during his struggle and appreciated his work even when he was not having any followers or viewers.


Furkan Aibani also known as SavageNewsFurkan is one of the top horror story and conspiracy video creator on YouTube, TikTok & Instagram Reels. He has always managed to amaze his audience via his conspiracy videos in Hindi.

He is the only tiktok creator who never does lip sync or copy anyone’s sound/content. He is an original content creator. With his different style of content.

He started making videos on YouTube when he was in the 17 years old and he used Youtube to gain popularity. He received a lot of criticism and at one point he wanted to give up. But, he didn’t.

During Covid 19 Lockdown, he started making videos on Tiktok. He was consistent and hardworking. He use to make videos even when he was getting 5 likes but never gave up and started making 2 videos in a day.

In an interview, he mentioned that he never gave up believing that his next video might go viral. And that’s what happened

His family has always supported him during his struggle and appreciated his work even when he was having no followers or career in this at that point.

Now he is a popular YouTuber & TikTok star in Mumbai. He went from 30 followers to 1.1 Million on TikTok in less than a month.

He spends most of his time writing, editing and thinking of content. He positively takes feedback and criticism and keeps working on them. He is open to ideas and conspiracy. There was a time when he followed trends to be popular, now, he makes trends.

His fans love him cause he replies to everyone’s comment.

Furkan Aibani lives in Mumbai & keeps a very active social media account.

He has over 1.1 Million followers on TikTok, 30k subscribers on YouTube, 52k followers on Instagram as well. Best reason for his growth is that he constantly keeps improving his content and production quality & Post things that no one has ever posted in a High production and editing.