Sam Oke Reviews – Amazing Tricks to Make Over LINKEDIN PROFILE

We all know how important LinkedIn has become for the corporate world. It is not only a social media platform but it is a resume for so many people. Many newcomers get amazing job opportunities here. Linkedin has changed the lives of so many people.

But it is not that easy to get all the success from Linkedin. You should know how to attract your client or customers on have to trustworthiness for that. Hi I am Sam Oke Reviews and today I am going to share with you some amazing tricks to MakeOver your Linkedin Profile in order to get most out of it.

  1. Keep your Profile Updated with Basics

The most basic and fundamental rule is to keep your profile basic updated. So that if anyone comes to your profile they can make an idea about what type of person you would be for them. Add your location, Industry, Professional Headlines about can add your skills, experience, knowledge. Etc.

  1. Use your Profile Photo in Round Shape

Did you know that you can get more profile clicks if you photoshop your profile picture in round shape. It looks more professional and attractale.

  1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile URL

Sam Oke advised that it is very important to optimize your profile url, Never use numbers and symbols in your profile URL, instead, you can word like official, your city name like NY, LA, etc., your skill name like tech, techy, etc. there are two benefits of optimizing the profile url.

First is that it looks more professional, and second is that it helps you rank in Linkedin Search bar.

  1. Share Amazing Posts on Daily Basis

Now it might be difficult for some people to post on a daily basis but you do not have any other option. If you really want to succeed in Linkedin then you have to do some hard work, make sure whatever you are posting provides value and knowledge to your audience. don’t just copy and paste anything from the web.

  1. Use Colorful Templates for your profile sections

You should use colorful templates for your profile. You can use these colors(blue, yellow, Red, Orange, Sky Blue) . These are very eye-catching and attract the people. You can use to make beautiful and colorful templates and it’s totally free.

  1. Connect With People

Connect with people you don’t yet know because you never know when you will find your new business partner. Connect with them, share ideas and thoughts and build a strong community. You should always try to connect to those who can teach you something.

  1. Personalize Invitation to connects

While sending the connection request you can send them a personalized invitation message to them.