Christopher Senekki on Men’s Mental Health – The Prevention Mindset

Christopher senekki

There is a something seriously wrong in today’s society and people have a responsibility to make it right. Christopher Senekki recounts the triggers which have led him to become a voice for men’s mental health issues and their prevention.  Whilst many circumstances and even his own personal struggles placed him on that path, he emphasized one specific incident that perhaps stood out. Approximately 15 years ago Christopher was with a group of friends and of one his friends had brought an acquaintance of his with him and the man was evidently not so well mentally. He looked depressed and was evidently facing serious anxiety and self-esteem issues. After he left, one of the group members commented that the guy is “gone”, seems like he’s “lost it”. He went on to say that people like him are beyond help and not worth the effort.  Christopher recalls the feeling of anger and resentment. He thought if people are so oblivious and dismissive of another individual’s mental problems, how can they receive help? Who will listen to them? Moreover, how will they get through it?  On from that seemingly insignificant, to many, incident, Christopher went on to realize that people need to understand more about men’s mental health and hence be more thoughtful and compassionate.  Exposure, and awareness is instrumental in that regard. Christopher has written numerous articles and publications to highlight, not only the importance of men’s mental health, but the preventive measures that are available to men before they reach the point of no return.

Today Christopher focuses on preventive measures such as self-esteem, self-perception, emotional intelligence and confidence. All of these characteristics are meant to empower men to be aware of how they as individuals can improve, and consequently be more compassionate and thoughtful of others.  Developing these traits, requires a positive mindset and being in the right environment, at home and in the workplace.

Christopher senekki

Accept Nothing Less Than The Right Environment

Christopher points out that managers have a huge responsibility and impact on a person’s mental health. Lack of respect and care for personnel may further compound on other pre-existing mental issues. On the other hand, positive affirmations from managers provides empowerment and encouragement to overcome other issues they are facing in life, through an elevated confidence and sense of self-achievement.

Elevating Awareness

Christopher Senekki’s objective, through social media platforms, via publications and via his involvement with various men’s mental health organizations, is to elevate the awareness of prevention. Up to 12 young men commit suicide every day in the UK alone. Prevention awareness is crucial because it generates an understanding that how others are treated, understood (listened to) can tilt the scales. Positive and empowering behaviors can prevent people from reverting to addictions and suicides. Everyone has a part to play in the emotional and mental balance of others and this needs to be understood.

Together with groups of other like-minded individuals, Christopher operates via social media platforms, mostly Instagram, to help to boost confidence. Why Instagram? Christopher highlights that it’s today’s theater stage, fashion catwalk, art, photo gallery, so on.  It gives people a chance to be who they want to be, or portray their passion, and, for many, that’s the crutch they need to overcome many of their own issues. Whilst social media has been labelled as a contributor to social pressure on the younger generation, Christopher argues that it helps others to elevate their confidence and self-esteem and those are the persons that he focuses on.

Too Many People Suffer from Mental Health Issues.

Many people develop serious mental health issues due to the way they perceive themselves. Poor self-perception fuels anxiety and subsequently depression and isolation. Self-perception can be improved by an increase in confidence, emotional intelligence and by disrupting the mind by focusing on a passion. Creating that link between self-perception and men’s mental health prevention is what Christopher Senekki has done so impressively. He took a unique approach to self-perception, and it is paying off. He wanted to use etiquette as a way to focus on mental health.

The Future of Christopher Senekki

Christopher Senekki is just getting started as a voice in men’s mental health awareness and prevention. He wants to use his platforms to advocate for those in need, whilst breaking down the false dogmas and stereotypes of alpha males, which inadvertently guide men to pursue a fictitious version of themselves, precipitating to mental pressure. His concepts for prevention before crisis have an unlimited amount of potential and he plans to publish more of his work in the future to reach a wider audience.  Christopher also mentioned that he is in the process of writing his first book and is excited about it’s release in the near future.