Grid hosting is Managed Cloud Hosting (VPS) for Word Press

How it’s working? 

The hosting account with increased traffic is switched to a less loaded server, and everything is done automatically – the system itself optimizes the distribution of cloud computing power, without causing interruptions in the operation of websites.

Word Press hosting

In fact, Word Press will work on any hosting because it has really small requirements. So it’s hard to find a hosting that will not meet its parameters.

However, due to the huge popularity of Word Press (33% of all sites in the world and growing …), hosting companies have sniffed out the opportunity to boost sales and started using “Word Press Hosting” as a marketing slogan – they sell ordinary hosting under a different label …

However, just because Word Press will work on every hosting does not mean that it will work just as well on every hosting.

There are server and system side solutions that can significantly speed up our Word Press. Of course, apart from the server’s hardware configuration itself, which affects its overall performance (e.g. very fast NV Me SSDs).

Hosting should have special object caching software installed that allows you to significantly speed up database operations. At the same time, real Word Press hosting often offers its own Word Press plugins for page caching, which allows for much better cooperation between the server and the Word Press pages located on it. Examples of such hosting are Grid hosting (Breeze plugin), JDM (automatically installed plugin – not available in the repository) or hosting based on Lite Speed ​​servers (Lite Speed ​​Cache plugin).

What is page caching? Every time we open a Word Press website, queries about its database are generated. The results of these queries are stored in cache, but only until the next reload of the page, which means that it is necessary to perform subsequent operations on the database after refreshing the page (time consuming). In this case, systems such as Memcached and Redis (or Varnish ) save a lot of time and significantly improve page performance due to the fact that the results of database queries are saved for much longer in the memory on the server disk.

As for the type of server software, in the specification of hosting accounts we can most often find 3 of them: Apache, NGINX and Lite Speed

On the Polish hosting account market, it is accepted that if the server has Lite Speed ​​installed, it is Word Press hosting, because there is a Word Press Lite Speed ​​Cache plugin … This is not entirely true, and hosting companies are a little bending reality here.

In addition, on the official website we can find information:

“We recommend Apache or NGINX as the most reliable and functional server to run Word Press, but any server that supports PHP and MySQL can handle it.” –

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Of course, Lite Speed ​​is also good server software, but it is not an indicator of whether a given hosting is Word Press hosting or not and whether it is the best for Word Press.

In fact, the most efficient servers are NGINX servers, because they have been specially designed for the most demanding applications and it is this software that supports the most crowded websites in the world. NGINX software was created around the same time as Lite Speed, and yet NGINX is much more popular and much more often chosen by specialists around the world.

NGINX is not so popular among hosting companies because it is a little more complicated and difficult to implement (e.g. it does not support the .htaccess file). In addition, NGINX does not do very well with the dynamic part of our site on Word Press, which introduces additional complications. Therefore, when it comes to popularity, the much older Apache software wins with it, which in turn is famous for its flexibility and ease of use, and is much better at dealing with dynamic pages (pages where we have a database, comments, i.e. elements of the page that can change at any time).

However, it turns out that Apache and NGINX systems can work together! This solution enables the use of the greatest advantages of both systems:

NGINX: very high performance in processing static elements of a page

Apache: convenience, flexibility and support for dynamic elements

Companies that opt ​​for this solution include, for example, Cloud ways, Atthost and JDM.

The company Elementor – creator of the most popular page editor for Word Press, in their guide about how to speed up web page also recommend to use NGINX and Maria DB databases:

For my part, I can add that after testing on 22 different shared hosting it is evident that Lite Speed ​​does not guarantee the highest performance of Word Press. The most efficient shared hosting is LH hosting, which works only on Apache software, followed by JDM and Atthost, which use the Apache + NGINX connection, hosting uses Lite Speed.

Word Press Cloud Hosting

You don’t have to explain too much here – this type of hosting is a combination of Cloud hosting with Word Press hosting.

This is hosting using cloud computing technology and which additionally uses appropriate software that streamlines work with Word Press and guarantees the best conditions for our Word Press in terms of performance:

Server software: Apache + NGINX, or Lite Speed

Databases: Maria DB + Memcached (faster database calls)

Caching system: Redis or Varnish

Managed Cloud Hosting for Word Press

When it comes to managed hosting, it’s usually about VPS or dedicated hosting, where server management is already included in the price of hosting – the hosting company cares about the quality and functioning of the server for us. Thanks to this, we are leaving the problem of taking care of updates and server security, which is the biggest downside of ordinary VPS servers.

Managed hosting is a great solution for people who need more power and security but are not familiar with server administration. In this case, hosting account support looks exactly the same as shared hosting account support – simple and fun, through a dedicated user panel.

Managed Cloud Hosting for Word Press is perfect for Word Press hosting – it is a combination of the biggest advantages of all types of hosting accounts:

Managed: ease of use as in the case of shared hosting

Cloud hosting: the highest reliability and flexibility thanks to cloud computing technology

Word Press hosting: solutions that guarantee the highest performance of our site on Word Press

Guaranteed server resources: as in the case of VPS hosting and dedicated hosting, we have exclusive server resources here, except that thanks to cloud computing technology we can manipulate these resources much easier – we can basically enlarge them at any time indefinitely.

An example of such ideal hosting is Grid hosting.

You can read more about Grid hosting here (review).

How much is hosting

Hosting prices can range from several dozen zlotys to even several thousand zlotys annually. It all depends on the type of hosting (and our needs). Usually, the cheaper the hosting, the weaker the parameters will be. It should be remembered, however, that for a regular business card website we do not need hosting with the best parameters – there is no point in overpaying.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the cheapest type of hosting. Prices for this type of hosting account range from: 

From 50 to 200 POUND net per year 

And usually you have to pay for 6 or 12 months by paying in advance. It should be remembered that the lower the price, the higher limits are imposed on the account – limitation of transfer, number of databases (e.g. number of pages on Word Press), account capacity, etc.

Offers below POUND50 can cause a lot of problems (very slow or down page, etc.), while those above POUND200 will be overpriced, because we enter the price ranges of other, much better types of hosting – it is better to pay a few zlotys and buy the cheapest hosting from the higher shelf …

In the price range of shared hosting you have to be especially careful about the so-called bushes companies. Many people have sought interest in the growing interest in websites and hosting companies have started to grow like mushrooms after the rain. However, many of them are ordinary resellers – someone buys Grid hosting review  from another hosting company and divides the hosting account into even smaller portions and sells under their own brand. Thanks to this, they can offer very affordable prices. The problem is that these people do not always know their stuff and how to make a mess, they curl, leaving their customers on ice.

VPS hosting

VPS hosting is one shelf higher than shared hosting. The price range is very wide and prices start from around POUND500 per year. Fortunately, in the case of VPS hosting there is the possibility of billing every month.

Here prices start 

From about POUND 50 to POUND 200 net per month 

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting services are the highest price shelf. Prices start 

From 300 POUND to even 1000 Pounder month, 

But in fact no upper limit exists – as they say “sky is the limit” – it all depends on your needs. If you need something special, then the Hillingdon grid webmail hosting company will prepare the right infrastructure especially for you and of course it will delete you accordingly – well over 1000 pound. The basic option is an efficient server, offering a fast dual-core processor and several gigabytes of RAM.

Free web hosting

You can find companies offering free hosting on the internet. It is a fully functional hosting, it has everything you need to be able to install, for example, Word Press. However, you have to reckon with some features and restrictions that often occur with free hosting accounts:

Very limited amount of monthly data transfer and disk space

Limited or complete lack of access to databases,

Outdated script language versions, or no scripts at all

The presence of ads on the page, with the service provider deciding where and what ads to display

Poorly funded servers and the use of outdated technologies on servers supplying free hosting accounts

Stuffing a very large number of hosting accounts on one server, which leads to strong fluctuations in server performance

Frequent downtime in servers (non-working websites)

Receiving a large number of advertising offers in your mailbox

And other…

Remember that there is no such thing as free windows hosting UK! A company offering “free hosting” has to make a profit somewhere (usually for us) to get this free hosting. Even if we set up a website on our own computer at home (probably the most free hosting that exists), we will have to pay for the internet and for the electricity that our computer will use working 24 hours 7 days a week…

Therefore, do not be fooled by the fairy tales sold on the Internet about free hosting.

Free hosting is only suitable for testing and fun, but not for company websites, and certainly not for online stores, etc.

Hosting is a very important element of every website and therefore you should not save on it. Remember that the first impression can be made only once, using free hosting your brand will look unreliable and thus will scare the vast majority of potential customers irrevocably.

What type of hosting is the best?

In fact, it’s one, the only, the best windows web hosting UK does not exist, because there will always be something that will not be as good as anywhere else. Therefore, the decision on the choice of hosting must be made on the basis of previously set criteria with the priorities assigned to them – which is the most important for us, and from which we can possibly opt out of the parameter with a higher priority.

My criteria with assigned priorities:

Performance – the most important thing is for the website to work as quickly and stable as possible, because it affects it’s positioning (SEO)

Reliability – it is also very important that the website is always available and that server interruptions do not occur best

Ease of use – administrative panel and tools facilitating work on the website and its development

Price – let’s face it, there are limits, especially at the beginning you have to keep expenses as low as possible

Technical support – sometimes there are questions and doubts how to do something and then technical support turns out to be very useful

Now hosting is generally divided into 3 basic groups – types of email hosting UK– which differ significantly in terms of the criteria listed above.