Inspirations for wearing scarves in summer 2024

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The good news for those who like to wear a scarf on their hair is that this accessory will not say goodbye anytime soon, quite the contrary, according to the international and national catwalks too, it will be with everything next summer!!

His cool thing is that the accessory is a real joker: you can tie it in different ways and dare in the prints and hairstyles, not to mention that it can save us on those bad hair days! The fact is that he, who was already being pointed out as a strong trend, gained a little boost since the actress Leandra Leal appeared wearing colorful scarves and printed in the soap, they all want it too!

Summer of Scarves

In the last shows, Forum bet on the scarf to finish off the beauty of its collection in a navy atmosphere, Herchcovitch already preferred to use the accessory in a super cool way while Khaadi pret preferred to bet on a romantic tie, and invested in a good vibe sixty, that is, you can use the handkerchiefs in all forms and ways.

Undoubtedly, this accessory is perfect to give an upgrade to any production… not to mention that it strolls very well on several occasions, from a beach, going through the evening on the boardwalk, until the evening at the bar with friends… the face of the season hotter of the year!

For those who do not know, the fashion of headscarves is a rescue of the turbans that comes from the 1940s and rocked in the 1950s with the famous pin-up girls, rocking with their nuts and red lipstick, as Katy Perry portrays!

Super versatile, they are one of those “must-have” items, as they match all styles!

There are several ways to use the tissue in hair from more elaborate forms, such as turbans and bows enormes, but also has the most simple and romantic, as novinhas and bows aside, only the sky’s the limit, just let creativity roll!

The scarves look beautiful with loose hair, with a bun, ponytail, braid…

Thus, it can be played, because the scarf used as a turban and / or sash promises to be the accessory of the season and, of course, to give that “up” to basic productions.

What’s more, with the hippie and chic on the rise, the scarves came back with everything.

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Headscarf moorings step by step

Everything to do with our hot summer, the headscarves are on the rise, and with creativity and good taste, it is possible to make charming and fun ties, and thus, the scarf that was already a super-versatile piece of our wardrobe, being able to go tied up in the bag, around the neck, now it ended up in the head of the ladies. And the coolest thing about this fashion is that, depending on the type of tie, it can both highlight the hair and hairstyle, as well as disguise that hair that wakes up in a bad mood, so we separate some ties step by step, as well easy for you to go out there and rock. Buy them from the Khaadi lawn collection 2024.

Tying scarves step by step


Undoubtedly, this mooring is already a classic, super glamorous, a constant presence in editorials.

1) For this type of mooring, you need a very large square scarf, type 90x90cm.

2) Fold the scarf in half, forming an almost triangle, the ends should not touch each other, so that one becomes smaller.

3) Position the scarf on your head, with the tip of the triangle on your forehead, then hold the ends.

4) With the two ends in hand, you will tie them on top of the head, first, a normal tie, and then tie a knot.

5) After the knot is made, with the tip of the triangle on your forehead, hide it inside the scarf.

6) Do the same with the ends of the knot, which are also out, hide them inside the scarf and… done! You can go out and rock with this mooring of 50’s cinema Diva.


As the name suggests, it was used for pin-ups, and it is super simple, however, it can only be made with a square scarf, usually about 55x55cm.

1) Fold the square scarf in half, forming (now yes) a right triangle.

2) Then, fold this triangle until it forms a rectangle.

3) Support the back of the head, with the tips forward.

4) Tie a knot and leave the points out, or, if you prefer, you can hide under the scarf itself.


Simpler than that, impossible, it comes down to just tying the scarf on your head and a smaller rectangle or square can be used.

1-Divide the scarf in half.

2-After you have divided, take a normal little one that is centered in the middle.

3-If you think it was small, you can choose to tie a second knot, and it will also depend on whether the scarf is thin or thick.

4-Done that, just tie the scarf under the hair … as simple as that!

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This type of super mooring goes well with the beach, it’s great for those who want a cooler look.

1) Fold in half a large square scarf, about 85x85cm, forming a triangle.

2) Then, fold again until it becomes a rectangle.

3) Support the back of the head and bring the tips forward.

4) Tie it on the head, but without knotting it, and tie it again, this time making a knot.

5) From the knot, there will still be the ends that you will hide in the handkerchief itself, pushing them in and … ready!


This tie is very easy and matches any type of hair. You will need a rectangular scarf, about 170cm long, knowing that the wider it is, the more “fluffy” it will be, however, it is worth noting that for this type of tie, it does not need to be a scarf, specifically, any piece of fabric in this size will do.

1) Support the scarf on the back of the head, holding both ends forward.

2) Then, twist the scarf, take the left end and move to the other side and vice versa.

3) After twisting, bring the parts back to their places (left to left, right to right) giving the impression that you knotted.

4) Bring the ends back and tie, being able to make a bow or tie a knot.

Simple roll

As the name says: simple!

1) Fold a square scarf until it becomes a rectangle.

2) Set it on the back of the head, holding the tips forward.

3) Tie the scarf, but without knotting it.

4) Take the remaining ends and hide them in the handkerchief itself. It is a little twisted entirely