8 Tips for buying imported clothing online

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It is not news that women cannot see a shoe or a more “bapho” outfit that does not sleep until they can call them their own, because then, the time was gone when this was only possible if they left their houses to go to a physical store to buy clothes and accessories.

And so, much to the dismay of many husbands, today the woman, sitting in her armchair, or even lying on her bed and before even saying “Good morning”, and even the stores open, can now enter one of the many sites that they offer all kinds of sins, from a piece of simple jewellery to a designer bag or shoe, and the thing is so serious, that it has even turned into a fever resulting in millionaire fees on Brazilian credit cards.

However, it is important to note that there are websites of all types.

It is possible to buy clothes and accessories on international sites, without bureaucracy, and in greater security, especially if you have PayPal, a digital card, great to buy safely and conveniently over the internet, even by your cell phone or tablet.

Buying clothes and accessories abroad has never been easier.

However, very calm at that time, the secret is not to rush, internet shopping from Khaadi lawn collection 2024 is very easy and can end up being addictive, so some rules are essential, write it down:

Don’t be impulsive: It’s okay that it’s not easy to hold on when you see that bag of your dreams at a great price, delivering it at home and everything. But that is rule number one. After selecting all the products you fell in love with, review your shopping cart and think about it. Dollar purchases seem very cheap, don’t forget the conversion and shipping.

Do not overdo the shopping: Think that the more products, or the more expensive your purchases, the greater the chances that, after paying the price of the product and the freight, it will still be taxed when entering Brazil. Therefore, the tip is not to exceed values ​​above Pkr 15000. Prefer two smaller purchases and two freight, than depending on the (non-existent) kindness of Brazilian customs.

Be patient: Buy now knowing the following “purchases from abroad take time”. And often 15 to 60 days, more or less, depending on the country. But don’t forget, it is very important to check that you have received a tracking number and to always keep track of where your purchase is. If the site does not provide a tracking number, ask by email, insist, all care is little. It is your right and your guarantee.

Attention to Deadline: If you spend three months (90 days) you can make a formal complaint with the purchasing website. Each case is different, but if it doesn’t arrive in 3 months, use the tracking code to check where the purchase is and negotiate with the store. In some cases, they return a percentage of the amount paid.

Buy from trusted sites: Today there are many trusted sites, search the internet for positive site qualifications, ask friends. Think that there are also picks and that as reliable as the site may seem, your purchase may never arrive. Purchase your favourite clothes from khaadi summer sale.

Provide your true and complete data: It may seem obvious, but it is important. Don’t be lazy, fill in your address, name, and details with care and patience. After all, your purchase will have to cross oceans to you, she cannot guess where you are.

Cash purchases: Start by knowing this, you cannot pay in instalments abroad, even though PayPal.

Pay attention to the sizes: Especially if you buy shoes, as the stores often get confused, or have a different numbering than you are used to, the tip is to always look at the size of the pieces in centimetres. And it’s worth the trip: Chinese or Japanese stores tend to have very small sizes, while American stores exaggerate the measurements of G pieces (why is that?)

Where to purchase clothes and accessories?

Now let’s get to the point and what caught your attention in that article, right? So, if you love different pieces, with affordable prices but do not know reliable stores to invest in your new wardrobe, we will give you a little help, with a guide with some sites to make purchases on the internet safely and without spending a lot:

1 – eBay – Knowing what to look for, eBay is the starting point of online shopping, undoubtedly one of the most famous and reliable sites on the internet, and could not be missing from our list. It is an e-commerce service that brings together sellers from all over the world, but the big problem is the waiting time for delivery (from 15 days to 3 months), and work when looking for reliable sellers, so see below 3 suggestions:

My wardrobe: great for buying women’s clothing at a super friendly price. Most parts are Free Shipping and arrive in 15 days. The seller is a “Top-rated seller”, and that means he has had good feedback on his sales.

Grape-Apple is one of the darlings on eBay. He sells women’s, men’s and children’s clothing for a very reasonable price. For most parts, the seller does not charge for shipping.

Look bookstore – Look bookstore pieces are differentiated, and at a slightly higher price too. Great for buying sweaters with all kinds of prints, frayed denim shorts, leather jackets, cropped shirts, velvet and leather pieces, etc.

2 Khaadi pret – specializing in leggings and much cheaper than stores, it arrives cute and, often, they do lightning promotions, in short, in this virtual store you can go shopping for everything you like, without fear that the piece will not be enough! You also do not run the risk of being surprised by the shipping, because it is free for everyone. 

3 – Wholesale-dress: this is a very cheap option, however, with a not-so-good quality, and delivered in Brazil. You will find clothes, accessories, shoes … EVERYTHING. There’s even men’s clothing! Payment can be made via PayPal, using an international credit card.

Advice: opt for China Post shipping, it is the cheapest and the only one that you will not pay customs, this Chinese store comes with thousands of products categorized by keywords that do not make much sense, it requires a lot of patience, but, the positive point is that everything is VERY cheap, really, and has an arsenal of products, but besides the quality of the pieces being questionable, the secret is to choose well, it also takes a long time to arrive.

4 – Another famous site that could not be missing here, famous for many international celebrities and bloggers appearing over and over again using pieces from there. You save on shipping and find products for all tastes and pockets. From pieces signed by stylists like Vivienne Westwood to real bargains.

5 – OASAP – it is not so cheap, but the products are quality, reliable and have a lot of good taste and high quality. Buy your Eid dresses from khaadi sale.

6 -SheIns ide – good price and good quality. But the products run out fast, stay tuned; super reliable, although delivery takes a while, because of our customs. They are beautiful pieces, some are practically impossible to find in Brazil, and again the price is very friendly.

7 – BlackMilk – the store of the classic galaxy pants and bodysuits with Gameboy design is not the cheapest, but the quality is guaranteed and very serious, just be attentive with the shipping, and keep in touch with the store while your product is not to arrive.