Dedicated hosting – like a detached house

This is the best hosting in terms of performance because we get the entire server (home) at our disposal. We can do whatever we like with him. We have a lot of resources and space so we can invite a lot of guests (visiting our website). Unfortunately, such luxury costs – the price is high and we have to take care of everything that happens on the server ourselves – repairs, repairs, security, insurance, etc. If you do not know server administration, you will need to hire a professional.

2. VPS hosting – like your apartment

This is the second-best windows web hosting UK type after a dedicated server. This solution can be compared to your own apartment. Here we already share the server (apartment block) with someone else, but we have permanently allocated server resources (own bathroom, kitchen, etc.), regardless of whether we use them or not. This is a cheaper type of hosting than a dedicated server, and here we also have to deal with most things ourselves, or hire someone (most hosting companies can charge such a server for us for an additional fee).

3. Shared Hosting – like a hostel

It’s the worst kind of hosting because we share all server resources with others (it’s like a Hostel). It means that if someone farts, it smells of everyone … Shared kitchen, shared bathroom … As in a dormitory – eternal crap. When a neighbor receives a lot of guests (he has a lot of traffic on his website), it gets crowded and we notice a decrease in performance on our site (bathroom occupied, etc.), but, as in hostels, it is very cheap.

“Cloud” hosting, i.e. … moving walls?

This is not a new type of hosting, but standard hosting (shared or VPS) based on innovative hardware architecture – the so-called cloud computing. There is probably no such thing in the real estate world, but it would look more or less like that we would have movable walls and we could move them (increase the area) depending on the needs. Here, instead of separating windows hosting UK accounts from one physical server, first, the servers are connected into a network – so-called cloud computing. Then hosting accounts are separated from this cloud.

Bottom line: Best Hosting is Cloud VPS

We get exclusive server resources here – we don’t have to worry about someone stealing resources from us and slowing down our website.

The cloud type solution provides the highest class reliability, because our website is located (is hosted) on many servers, and not on one, as in the case of ordinary VPS.

We get great flexibility because we get rid of the typical limitations of individual servers – “sky’s the limit” – we can order as much computing power and server resources as we need.

Cloud VPS is a much better price offer because we pay only for what we use and what we need at the moment

Referring to this solution to the type of property, it would be your apartment with movable walls, which we can extend indefinitely and move it from place to place.

Which hosting did I choose?

Ok, I probably scared you a little, because from the table above it seems that good hosting must be expensive and impossible to handle for the average Internet user.

Does this mean that we are doomed to poor hosting until we can afford to hire a specialist who will take care of our hosting?

I moved my site to Cloud VPS hosting, and I have no idea about server management. I didn’t have to hire anyone to help me either.

How did I do that?

I used the offer of the Grid hosting review company

Why if hosting just Grid hosting?

Grid hosting is access to the best technological solutions in the world through a very easy to use interface that every layman can handle. When you use solutions such as giants like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, or even our Polish Allegro, you can finally forget about the dilemma associated with hosting.

Hillingdon Grid webmail hosting does not have its servers – they use the largest cloud computing in the world to host client accounts, and you can choose which one you want to use and in what location.

You can choose from 5 different cloud computing:

For, I have chosen the cheapest service – Digital Ocean, where prices start from $ 10 per month.

Fees are charged every month, thanks to which the slightly higher email hosting UK price is evenly spread over the whole year and is lighter for our portfolio – we provide the credit card number and about PLN 40 is automatically charged from our account every month.

They have an incredibly extensive knowledge base and great 24/7 technical support but in English. For those who can handle English, it will be 5 stars, and others must use the translator, which is a slight difficulty (therefore minus 1 star).

Normally, as I mentioned earlier, using VPS hosting or a dedicated server is a nightmare, because you need to be familiar with Linux, web systems and be able to use a text console.

Grid hosting has developed a very user-friendly interface that integrates with our VPS server and allows it to be managed like regular shared hosting. Handling our VPS becomes easier than managing shared hosting, because of the interface created by Grid hosting beats most interfaces used by companies offering shared hosting.