Why is it so important which hosting to choose?

Leaving this matter to chance usually ends with you paying several times more for several times worse service. Also, apart from throwing money away, a bad choice of hosting can result in a lot of stress and sleepless nights. If your website is an important part of your business and/or income, and suddenly it turns out to be unavailable and it is not known for how long, because your hosting company does not cope with technical problems … In this situation, you can only sit with folded arms and wait, or count the losses increasing day by day …

Impact on the visibility of your website on the internet

Google maintains a ranking of all websites in the world. Each page is evaluated according to certain criteria. This rating depends on how often Google will show your page in its search results. One of the criteria for assessing your website is its speed, which depends largely on your hosting.

This means that poor hosting = poor Google rating = less traffic on your site = fewer customers = less revenue…

The graph shows the number of views of estartupy.pl in the Google search engine and the consequences of changing hosting to Grid hosting review.

ATTENTION: The picture above does not mean that good results cannot be achieved in the Google search engine on Polish shared hosting! Of course, it can, and the picture above is only to show that hosting affects results on Google. The jump in the number of views, after moving the page to Grid hosting is because (a bit ashamed to admit, but …) I forgot to turn on the page cache after even earlier moving. Due to this, the average page loading time (according to Google) was about 5 seconds (more than 3 seconds is not good). All you had to do was turn on the caching plugin and I could stay where I was, but as they say, “there is no evil” – thanks to this I found Grid hosting, where I stay for good.

What Shared Hosting To Choose 2023

If you have a limited budget and you can’t afford better solutions, all you need is shared hosting. In the beginning, it’s enough, but as soon as your business or blog begins to take on the wind in sails and there is more traffic, I recommend moving to Grid hosting, just like me.

When it comes to shared hosting, there is a lot of choice on the Polish market, so here I will help you narrow down the search area. Below you will find a list of companies that in my opinion offer the best-shared hosting, but before you start wondering which of these hosting plans to choose, I will tell you roughly how it is with this shared and why avoid the cheapest:

Their performance is difficult to estimate because it depends on the time of day and traffic on other pages located on the same server.

It is worth choosing a reputable company that cares about the image of its brand because here are the least opportunities for the so-called

Overselling is pushing as many pages as possible on one server to maximize profits – for a server it makes no difference, support 10, 100 and even 1000 hosting accounts, but the difference can be seen in how these pages will work – the more people in the restaurant, the more it takes longer to wait for food …

The higher price of email hosting UK works as a filter – the cheapest hosting services attract crafty people who use various tricks, not necessarily liked or allowed, for example, by Google. Having my website on the same server, you can get a ricochet – a real-life situation – I had a mail on Linux from which no e-mails came to my client in Norway and it wasn’t that they were sent to spam, they just didn’t appear anywhere. Everything happened to me, nothing to him. It turned out that the company hosting his email inbox completely blocked everything from my server because their clients got a lot of spam from these IP addresses.

Well now, if you need shared hosting, I suggest you take a look at these companies:

Hillingdon grid Webmail Company operating on the market since 2012. Despite their small size, they provide services at the highest level and invest in the latest technological solutions. Of course, I don’t know 100% for sure, but it seems that the company was created out of passion and so that the owners could do what they like to do on their terms, and now they hire enthusiasts like themselves. The proprietary administrative panel can prove this. It makes work easier and is well designed. A small company and they have their panel, where their competition, despite its large size, still uses old solutions.

Security: they use one of the leading server rooms in Poland

Price: both windows web hosting UK and domains have very good competitive prices

Limits: there is no limit on transfer, and the disk capacity is very good compared to the price

Performance: pages on their servers run very quickly and stable, regardless of the time of day

Convenience: their proprietary administrative panel allows for very easy and convenient account handling, without having to switch (and additional login) between the client panel and the hosting account.

Check out their products here.

See what the atthost administration panel looks like in the YouTube video below:


The company that is the most user-friendly and has the best administrative panel of all hosting plans I have encountered so far. This is their panel, the so-called “Panel”, which is extremely easy to use, intuitive and transparent. It makes life easier. Thanks to it, the installation of, e.g. Word Press and, in general, hosting account support becomes a child’s play. You can check it in my articles:

How to start a blog,

How to set up an online store

Their technical support works very quickly and efficiently. It is a large and reliable company investing in the latest solutions. They give a lot of space and on your account, you can install an unlimited number of pages and email boxes.

A great solution is also their “flexible” windows hosting UK, which means that everyone has the option to enable server resource scaling, which means that we top up the account with additional zlotys and are not worried about exceeding the limits. If this happens, instead of blocking the site, they will provide us with more server resources, and we will be charged a small fee (these are penny matters). Something like per-second billing on prepaid phones. It’s great when you send newsletters and suddenly generate a lot of traffic on the site, but only temporarily, so you do not need a more expensive package every day, just a flexible solution.

Great hosting for people who value convenience and can pay for it a little extra, or for people with a large mailing list – sending a newsletter to a large list of people generates temporary, high traffic on the site, and then it is worth having flexible hosting that can handle such a load and will not disable the page.

When it comes to server performance, this hosting comes to the fore only with more website traffic and is great when we have low traffic with larger sudden jumps – i.e. when we can take advantage of the benefits of flexible hosting (scaling).