What hosting plans to avoid?

Although it is hard to advise someone the best hosting company, it is a little easier with the ones that are not the best. Therefore, at the outset, I do not recommend your companies:

  • nazwa.pl,
  • home.pl,
  • az.pl,
  • kei.pl,
  • domena.pl

Mainly due to the prices of service extensions for subsequent years. These are very expensive companies, and the quality and performance do not stand out from other hosting companies, whose prices are several times lower. I know because I checked, and here is the record holder:

One of the most important parameters of your website is the speed of loading it, which depends largely on the hosting account. Of course, the speed of the website is also affected by its design, which is why I conducted my tests on identical websites placed on different hosting accounts. For example, comparing our record holder above to 3 times cheaper competition

As you can see, more expensive does not mean better.

I also do not recommend the company


It has nothing to do with their servers or prices, the admin panel is not the worst either, but technical support is a tragedy. This is about Polish technical service specifically, because I know that the others are doing much better. This is probably because this is not a Polish company. Account registration itself is quite slow. You can pay online, but after paying the bill, nothing happens, only after phone contact (which also requires patience), it turned out that I missed in an email that I had to send:

– a copy of a document confirming identity (i.e. only the reverse of an ID card or passport) IMPORTANT: please also write the order number and/or NIC handle (Customer Number) on a separate piece of paper and place it next to the document so that everything is visible in one photo, – a copy of the confirmation of the address of residence (electricity/gas bill, bank statement, landline / mobile phone bill or certificate of the address of residence issued by the city or commune office, etc.). 

Besides, IT professionals are faster than customer service. There was an error installing WordPress and I couldn’t do anything. It was late so I couldn’t call anywhere (unless abroad). So I wrote a report (or two). On the second day, I checked my account again, the error disappeared (after several hours). However, I received a response from the Polish customer service office after 2-3 days.

Still don’t know which hosting to choose?

Are you looking for hosting and despite my list above you still don’t know which hosting package and which company to choose?

Hosting on a simple business card website

Without the contact form:

If you are looking for hosting a very simple business card website and you do not need anything special, just show a few photos, a map, write who you are and provide contact details, you may not need windows web hosting UK at all … You can do such a simple website within a few hours and it is completely free.

If you need your domain, you can connect it to such a free website. You will only need to buy a domain. I recommend you SeoHost because they have the lowest prices for domains (about pound 40 net per year).

See how to make a website completely free here (online course)

With the contact form:

If you want to have a contact form on your website, where people provide their email addresses, I’d rather choose a paid hosting that offers a personal data entrustment agreement – GDPR.

In this case, I recommend the hosting company Hillingdon grid webmail and their cheapest WordPress hosting package:

Cheap hosting

Low prices for domains

Email Hosting UK for a blog, company website, portfolio or small store

For starters – for active, undecided entrepreneurs with ideas:

In this case, I recommend the grid hosting review company atthost and their basic Professional SSD hosting package. It is a very versatile hosting account, basically good for everything and very easy to use thanks to their administration panel. There are no restrictions on the number of pages and very favorable prices. Removing and creating new pages is a breeze and takes 15 minutes.

To start with – for those who are determined, with a specific idea and direction, but with a limited budget:

If you already know 100% what you want to do and no more experimenting, I recommend the LH hosting account. Here, account and page management is a bit difficult due to a poor administration panel, so when you are just learning how to create pages or now and then delete and create new pages on different domains and subdomains, LH makes it harder to work. But for that, they have very efficient servers, so if you only have one page, it’s worth spending a little more time and put the page once and enjoy better speeds.

For starters – for blogs and stores with a lot of photos and a large mailing list, running larger advertising campaigns

In this case, the hosting company works very well- a large number of photos because they give a lot of space to start (50GB), and a large mailing list, because it is so-called flexible hosting – sending out advertising campaigns results in a sudden jump in server traffic, which means that in the case of larger newsletters such a page can be blocked. By running the scaling function on hosting, we can protect ourselves from this – the server will adapt to increased traffic (temporarily increase server power), we will pay pennies for additional hosting resources, but we will be able to sleep peacefully because the site will remain active all the time. Besides, their administrative panel and service are really at a high level. Managing your hosting account, email and mailboxes are very simple and intuitive. Great windows hosting UK for larger companies and sites that already invest a lot in marketing.