GoPro File Corrupted? 6 Things You Can Do About It

Due to its high quality and superb image stabilization system, the GoPro camera has always been the first choice of those who wish to record videos in adventurous conditions. Video enthusiasts all over the world have recognized GoPro as one of the most versatile cameras.

However, it’s true that GoPro files are also prone to corruption. Nothing can be more depressing when such wonderful videos refuse to play. Don’t let a few error messages ruin your mood. These 6 tips can help you avoid getting your GoPro files corrupted.

6 Things you can do to avoid corrupt GoPro MP4

  1. Refrain from using GoPro when the battery is low

You may not be able to play the videos you recorded when GoPro was flashing red. So, when GoPro is drained it is best to avoid recording. A battery backup may come in handy while going on long trips.

  1. Use a standard GoPro approved memory card

If the read and write speed of the memory card you use is not fast enough, your videos may show some errors. It is important to note that not all memory cards work fine with GoPro. Better to avoid corruption using a GoPro authorized memory card.

  1. SD cards must be handled with utmost care

The message ‘card cannot be used’ is one of the most common error messages. These messages are mostly aroused because of the rough handling of video memory cards.

There is a high risk that your videos will get corrupt if you forcibly eject the card when GoPro is still in use. Removing the SD card from your computer when the videos are still being played or transferred can also corrupt them. Make it a habit to always safely eject your memory card.

If you are facing a number of memory card issues and wondering how to uncorrupt an sd card, you may want to refer to SD card corrupting files.

  1. Frequently format your video memory card

How to uncorrupt an SD card? The most direct method to do so is to format the card. Unfortunately, you would lose all your data stored in the card, but the card will become brand new.

In fact, you can make it a habit to frequently format your memory card after you have transferred your files. Maintaining a backup and formatting the card will help you avoid the whole process of GoPro corrupt file fix.

  1. Use an authorized GoPro case

A GoPro case is a must to keep your camera secure. GoPro advises using the I/O door which completely covers the memory card slot. This helps to significantly reduce vibration while shooting.

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  1. Keep your GoPro and memory cards clean

Take out the time to clean your GoPro and memory cards at least once a year. You could easily clean the metal contacts on the SD card with the help of some rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab.

Don’t forget to dust out the inside of the SD card slot using a can of compressed air.

How to uncorrupt a video file?

Prevention is always better than cure. Hence, you must exercise some caution and avoid landing up with your favorite videos unplayable.

However, if you somehow stumble upon a GoPro corrupt file, don’t feel disheartened. This damage can still be corrected. Here are some super easy ways of repairing corrupted GoPro MP4s.

Repair GoPro video using a professional repairing tool

Once you get hold of the correct video repairing software, file fixing won’t even take 10 minutes. This can be confusing when you need to choose from the hundreds of available software, especially when you need to find a software that doesn’t deplete your video’s quality.

Wondershare video repair is one of the favorites, frankly because it is so easy to use. You just need to add the corrupt video and hit ‘repair’. It will automatically analyze the video and start the fixing process. With Wondershare, your hunt for an appropriate video repair software may come to an end.

This video repairing software is available both for Windows and MacOS. It even supports a whole lot of file formats. The next time you get hold of a corrupt GoPro video, don’t panic. Let Wondershare perform its magic repair.

GoPro file fix using VLC

How many times have you used the VLC media player before? Did you ever realize that VLC is just the thing you need to repair a corrupt video?

VLC’s in-built repair mechanism can automatically repair all corrupt .AVI files. even if your corrupt video is not an AVI, no worries! VLC allows you to convert your file into .AVI as well. You just need to add the corrupt file, set the preferences to ‘always fix’, and play the video.

GoPro MP4 repair using SOS signal

GoPro has an in-built safety mechanism that helps to correct the corrupt files. If the GoPro files stored in your SD card are not playing on your computer, put the SD card back in GoPro.

It will show you a warning message saying the file is corrupted. When you press any button, GoPro will automatically start the repairing process. This is an extremely hassle-free way of repairing corrupt GoPro videos.