BrightFinance Review: The Crypto Trading Platform

BrightFinance Review

BrightFinance Review

There are many ways to make money in the world. Opportunities lie in every nuke and cranny of the terrestrial habitat and those who have discovered and utilized these opportunities have made amazing fortunes out of life. The amazing thing about opportunities is that new ones develop every dawning day.

Succeeding in life requires one to take advantage of the correct opportunities, but opportunities many times don’t just drop themselves down at a person’s table, it takes a man (or a woman) with determination to seek out opportunities that are beneficial both to his life and future.

There are numerous and immense opportunities available for people to benefit from, especially in this digital age. There are opportunities in different sectors of the world such as the agricultural sector, tourism, entertainment, arts and culture, finance, technology, manufacturing, and so many more.

All of these sectors are embedded with gross profit opportunities.

Investment brokers use assets available in the various sectors of the globe to execute trade actions that are geared towards profitable results. The role of an investment broker in financial trading is a very salient one. An investment broker can turn out to become everything an investor has ever dreamed of, and in the same way, an investment broker can turn out to become the very nightmare of an investor.

Investment brokers use the assets of an investor or trader to make more of the same or other assets, the main goal is just to increase the value of the investor’s assets. This is why many investment brokers look into more than one class of assets, to ensure that their clients are not limited to the opportunities available in only one asset class.

Financial assets investments hold the most opportunities among all investment assets available in the world. This leading capacity of financial assets is because all other assets eventually come to terms with the assets available in the financial assets circle. This means although diamonds (for example) are expensive and can bring a lot of profit to investors, the worth of diamonds are not measured in diamonds, they are measured in units of money (i.e., for example, diamond costs fifty dollars).

Investing in financial assets requires at least a little knowledge of the assets available in the financial assets trade market. The wrong choice of assets can drain an investor until he/she is completely empty, and this is why an investor has to acquire some knowledge about the assets available in his/her investment niche. The financial assets market in which a trader can invest include but are not exclusive to Forex trading, crypto trading,  shares, indices, stocks, binary options, and commodities.

The most unique of all the financial assets available in the market today is a cryptocurrency and this is because cryptocurrency is a formidable form of currency. The uniqueness of the cryptocurrency has made it rise above all other forms of financial assets within a few years of its inceptions.

The cryptocurrency was created to withstand the very factors that volatilize other financial assets, and so it rarely reduces in value. Most assets trade investors delve into the crypto circle because of the endless profit opportunities encircled within it.

Perhaps, you would like to trade cryptocurrency, and you need a platform through which you can safely sit back and enjoy your trading experience, the BrightFinance platform may be just what you’re looking for. Here is a review of the BrightFinance platform.


Broker BrightFinance
Website fuck
Trading platform Web based, Mobile app
Assets coverage Cryptocurrency assets:



Forex trading assets:


Deposits Bank transfer
Education and Training Yes. Daily News Analysis, strategies, courses.
Language options English Language, German Language, Spanish Language, and Italian Language
Trading Accounts Silver account, Gold account, Platinum account, Diamond account
Customer support 24 hours a day, and five days a week – email, telephone, and a contact form

BrightFinance is an investment trading platform of Smart Trade Investment Limited. The broker’s platform is run by a team of professional and experienced traders who make sure that the platform continues to remain relevant irrespective of technological or economic advancements. The account option available on this platform is proof enough that an expert team is behind its administration.  The broker offers a considerably wide range of trading account options that cover the investment needs of all classes of investors.

Cryptocurrencies, Forex and CFDs (Contract For Difference) are the major trade market options available on the BrightFinance crypto trading platform, and with this range of trade assets, the BrightFinance platform has recorded immense success since its inception. The forex arm of the BrightFinance platform keeps upgrading based on customer feedback.

As a client of the BrightFinance platform, you can be sure your opinions matter, and not just that, your opinions count as they are used to better develop the BrightFinance platform to keep serving you better. The BrightFinance platform is a largely customer-centric one as its customers are empowered to be able to contribute to the development of its platform. The broker envisions a future where it becomes one of the most formidable brands in the financial assets trade circle.

The broker has a trading platform that is available both on a web-based and a mobile platform which brings the trade executions of an investor or trader closer to such an investor. The user-friendly trading platform helps the customers of the company to have access to all the trading tools and instruments offered by this broker.

The customer service of the BrightFinance platform is a strong support system for clients of the broker. The support team of this broker is well-informed, experienced and responsive, as its agents are available to attend to clients round the clock.

BrightFinance is a platform in which all kinds of traders can thrive.


Multiple Trading Account Options

The BrightFinance platform contains five unique trading account options from which investors on its platform can choose. These five account options cut across the various kinds (and levels) of investors. The broker gives you the freedom and flexibility to find the best trading account that fits your trading needs and goals in the financial market. With various exceptional trading conditions and features, this broker lets you select from the multiple trading account options – Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond accounts – all designed for beginner traders and expert traders to thrive.

Listed below are the accounts available on the BrightFinance platform in order of hierarchy and benefits.

The Standard Account: This is the first trading account option available on the BrightFinance platform Although its benefits are not listed on its web platform, this account level must be a good fit for newbie investors who are just starting out in the financial market.

The Silver Account: The silver account level is the second trading accounts level available on the BrightFinance platform. The benefits of investors in the silver account class are:

  • Senior account consultant,
  • Access to online courses,
  • Market reviews,
  • Recommendations,
  • Twenty-four hours’ support,
  • Up to ten percent margin loan

The silver trading account is especially suited for traders who have gathered some trading experience and desire to move higher on the trading ladder. The benefits that accompany this account are exceptional, and they make trading at this level easy and enjoyable. The BrightFinance platform will provide market reviews as well as recommendations which will help guide the trading decisions of its clients, clients who have a silver account on the BrightFinance platform also have access to online courses which help sharpen the knowledge of the trader.

The Gold Account: This is the third trading account option available on the BrightFinance platform. The Gold trading account has the following benefits attached to it:

  • Senior account consultant,
  • Access to online courses,
  • Weekly market reviews,
  • Weekly recommendations,
  • Twenty-four hours’ support,
  • Up to thirty-five percent margin loan.
  • Free webinar.

This trading account option is a great one for people who are relatively experienced in the world of assets trade.

The Platinum Account: The Platinum trading account option is the account options that follow the Gold trading account option on the BrightFinance platform. The following benefits accompany the platinum account:

  • Expert account consultant,
  • Access to online courses,
  • Limited video library,
  • Daily market reviews,
  • Daily recommendations,
  • Twenty-four hours’ support,
  • Access to the video library,
  • Higher leverages,
  • Higher trade amounts,
  • Risk-free trades,
  • Up to fifty percent margin loads.

The platinum trading account on the BrightFinance platform is one of the expert account provisions on the platform. The benefits that accompany this account help an expert investor to make the very best of his/her trade orders.

The Diamond Account: The Diamond trading account is the highest in the hierarchy among all the trading accounts available on the BrightFinance platform. Below is a list of its amazing features:

  • Personal VIP consultant,
  • Personal trading couch,
  • Risk-free trades,
  • VIP events,
  • Exclusive strategies,
  • Higher trade amounts,
  • Exclusive trading signals,
  • Twenty-four hours’ educational center,
  • Exchange lowest rates,
  • Higher leverages,
  • Up to one hundred percent margin loan.

All these trading accounts are provided to make sure an investor or trader has a relatively wide range of trading accounts to choose from before joining the platform of this broker. No matter your investment capital or experience, you can be sure the BrightFinance platform has something provided for you among its trading account options.

Wide Range Of Assets

The profit opportunities embedded within the BrightFinance platform are just so numerous one would almost forget the possibility of a loss on its platform; this is because the BrightFinance platform has a wide range of assets coverage.

This wide range of assets coverage involves financial market resources such as CFDs, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, and more.

Cryptocurrencies alone hold an endless possibility of trade profit prospects, let alone the other trade market assets provided for clients of BrightFinance to choose from on its platform.

The variety in assets coverage empowers clients of BrightFinance to choose either to trade within a particular asset niche or to explore the possibilities trading with a dynamic mix of trade assets, whatever the case may be, the BrightFinance platform has the resources which a trader needs to thrive.

Secure Trading Environment

Encryption technologies are one of the ways by which the BrightFinance platform safeguards investor accounts on its platform. These technologies are used to prevent the platform from being infiltrated by fraudsters.

The BrightFinance platform is compliant with the KYC (Know Your Customer) and the AML (Anti Money Laundering) policies. These two policies demand of an investment broker that provides some level of safety for accounts on its platform by confirming and verifying the identity of prospective clients before allowing such into its trading environment. These policies keep fraudsters away from the trading platform, thereby securing the platform for all accounts available on it.

The BrightFinance platform also puts an extra dose of a security measure while processing withdrawal requests. The BrightFinance platform uses a voice authentication to validate the withdrawal requests of its clients. The voice authentication security measure is to double-check the authenticity of the withdrawal request and make sure it is really from the account owner.

However, if after some time, the owner cannot be reached through a call, the BrightFinance team sends a mail to ask when the investor can pick calls. The request is cancelled if the owner cannot be reached after all measures have been tried.

The BrightFinance platform is a very safe trading platform.

Customer-Centric Operations

The BrightFinance platform is a very customer-friendly one, as it encourages feedback from clients. This is because it uses this feedback to further develop and make its platform better developed. The customer feedback gathered by agents of the customer service of the BrightFinance platform is used to help its clients get a better trading experience on its platform every single day.

The broker has a team of customer service agents that can be reached 24 hours a day and five days a week, either by email or by telephone. Clients of the company can also make use of the contact form on the website to reach the Customer Support. One thing that is clear is that the clients of this broker can rest assured of getting solutions to any of their questions or query from the customer support team, because the broker understands the importance of this department, and has thus put professionals in that area to assist its customers always.

Educational Resources And Trading Academy

Trading in the financial assets market requires an investor to empower him or herself with the required knowledge in order to make excellent and well-informed trade decisions. The BrightFinance platform places a great emphasis on empowering its clients through the provision of numerous educational resources on its platform.

The educational resources available on the BrightFinance platform cover a very wide range of trading bandwidth, from the simple things such as the definition of terms to the very height of complex trade issues, like signals and analysis. These educational resources are evergreen, and it covers different sections of the financial trading industry, as well as the digital currency. Beginners and expert traders can always find something new to learn from this broker’s trading academy.

You can be sure you have just the support system with the BrightFinance platform.

Multiple Language Options

Available on this broker’s platform is the option to choose from different languages. The broker serves clients from different sections across the globe and has thus provided an avenue for its numerous customers to interact with its trading platform and website in four different languages – English Language, German Language, Spanish Language, and the Italian Language.


Investing in financial assets can become a very interesting endeavour with an innovative broker like the BrightFinance platform. Deciding to make your financial asset trade investments through the BrightFinance platform would certainly prove to be one of the best decisions you make regarding your financial investments.