Free slot machine types

In most instances most of the Slots (สล็อต) online that you can imagine about happen to be available when it comes to the free version. One of the exceptions which are notable is the game for the progressive jackpot. It is due to the fact of the way the progressive jackpot is able to increase using a small percentage of every bet to make it bigger; it becomes impossible to have a free version of the same.

The following is a list of some of the various free slots which you can be able to play online, along with a small explanation about them:

3-reel slots

They are traditional slot machines which have three spinning reels and one pay-line. The three reel slots do have percentage for payback which is best in the casino, but they might seem to be very dull when you compare them to some of the other games which are currently available.

5- Reel slots

They are games which have 5 reels and several pay lines. They can be able to feature all types of bells and whistles such as the scatter symbols, bonus games, and wild symbols.

Video slots

All the online slot games are known to be video slots including the 3 reel slots. It is just a phrase that is normally utilized in describing a slot machine which is played on the monitor of the computer of some sort. With the spinning reels which are animated, instead of the actual mechanical reels, that is what a video slot is all about.

3D slots

They are video slots which have 3D images and with some sound effects. Some of the games which are most interesting nowadays are the 3D slots.

Slots which are story based

It refers to games which are known to feature some sort of plotline and theme. Nowadays they are becoming increasingly popular with time.

Some of the most popular slot machine games for free which you can be able to play online include the following.

Fruit frenzy

It is a game which has been quite popular as a symbol of slots from the early days of the industry. At some point, the slot machine games were declared illegal and thus they dispensed the candy instead of the real money so that they get around with the law. It is the candy which was a flavor of a fruit, and thus the symbol was an indication of which type of candy you ended up winning. Fruit frenzy is known to take the theme to a conclusion that is quite interesting which features a lot of pay lines and reels. It is an RTG slot machine that is available in various casinos

Nice or Naughty?

It is another slot game by the RTG. It is known to be slightly risqué Christmas themed having 5 reels and about 50 pay lines. The symbols include Mrs. Claus, Santa Claus and reindeer. The holiday themed slots machines are some of the most enjoyed games in general and particularly nice or naughty. It happens to be a fun game which has a fun theme and if you like its free version, you can consider to pay it for real money.