Film Director Alois Nashali Reflects on His Debut Year Success

Alois Nashali recounts his success and achievements in the filmmaking industry since his grand entry back in 2017.

Alois Nashali has been making successful moves since his grand entry into the filmmaking niche. The Canadian-based cinematographer and filmmaker made his name in 2017 after two of his documentaries received recognition at two different film festivals in Ottawa, Canada. In 2017, Nashali worked on projects such as Through the Lens of An Immigrant, Six Voices, One Story, Positivity in a New Place, An Artist of Iran, and Beautifully Cracked Smiles.

Through the Lens of An Immigrant featured in the 28th One World Film Festival, shedding some spotlight on the Tanzanian-born filmmaker. In the film, Nashali points out the cultural and lifestyle differences as a student in Kenya vis a vis a student in Ottawa. He emphasizes the distinctions in the meaning of society and the challenge of integrating these differences into a new culture.

“Alois Nashali, a newcomer and international student from Kenya examines the different life and cultural contrast as a student here in Ottawa, with emphasis on the differences in sense of community, and the struggles of transitioning into, and integrating with, a new culture,” reported Gerald Schmitz, the President of the One World Film Festival.

Further adding to his success, Beautiful Cracked Smiles won him glory at the 2018 Digi60 Filmmaker’s festival the following year, where it ranked in the top three in the documentary category. It was awarded Best Film, and Nashali was awarded the Best Director.

In addition to that, 2017 was a successful year for Nashali as he was just starting out his career in the filmmaking industry. Today, the filmmaker and cinematographer is making strides in the industry. In January 2019, he announced that he would be making a debut in the Canadian Broadcast Media industry.

“Despite being a successful ride with the feature films this year, I feel like I have proven to have grown my capabilities in a mile and that I am ready for a new challenge,” said Nashali.