Filmmaker Alois Nashali set to launch his new book named after his documentary Through the Lens of An Immigrant.

Filmmaker Alois Nashali set to launch a book about his documentary Through the Lens of An Immigrant.

Alois Nashali, aTanzanian-born filmmaker who has been taking the film industry by storm, has been a story of success since his debut in the filmmaking industry in 2017. The Canadian-based film director and cinematographer received his first recognition at the 28th One World Film Festival for his documentary Through the Lens of An Immigrant.

In this documentary, Nashali examines cultural diversity by contrasting his experience as an international student in Ottawa, with his experience back home in East Africa. He further delves into the struggles of transitioning and integrating with a completely new culture and lifestyle.

Set for success, Nashali was later awarded the best director and filmmaker in the documentary category at the Digi60 Film Festival for his documentary Beautiful Cracked Smiles. It was ranked in the top-3 category of the festival. His journey in filmmaking has been one graced with success after success.

The Tanzanian-film director recently announced his new project building on his first successful film, Through the Lens of An Immigrant. Nashali will be launching a book about this documentary, expounding more on the plight of migrants. Having lived in three different countries, Tanzania, Kenya, and Canada, Nashali has been exposed to multicultural diversity. From such a point of experience, he has a deeper understanding of the plight of migrants.

Being a migrant himself, the cinematographer writes on the beauty and challenges that come with traversing multiple cultures. Nashali accounts of his experience and those of other migrants being a black migrant in a white-dominated society. This is a timely release as we witness racial wars across the world amidst the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Among his other works include Six Voices, One Story, Positivity in a New Place, An Artist of Iran, and Beautifully Cracked Smiles.