Buying used cars: Getting the best deal during pandemic

Thinking of getting a good used car deal during the pandemic? You probably already know that it is not going to be an easy trick to pull off in such challenging times. The Coronavirus pandemic has claimed millions of lives globally and even though several countries have partially lifted the lockdown, life has not returned to normal entirely. You may want to buy a used car during a pandemic to get a low price as well as to meet your needs during desperate hours. Having a good performing vehicle by your side is a relief and you can invest in buying a used car to enjoy peace of mind during chaotic times.

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Although buying a used car is not going to be easy, you can follow some important tips and tricks to get the best deal on used cars during pandemic. Let’s dive in to learn these tips, shall we?

Determine What You Need

When you are buying a used car, you do not need to go overboard. To avoid the chances of getting a used car which is impractical for you, it is important to do some at-home research from different automotive news and reviews sources to find out exactly what type of vehicle you need. Once you are clear about your requirements, car specifications, make, model and estimated pricing, it will get easier to buy a used car which will serve your needs perfectly. You can consider different factors like family members, engine performance, luggage space, driving features and other similar features to compare the vehicles and find the best used car to buy during a pandemic.

Decide How to Buy the Used Vehicle

One of the most important questions surfacing in every car buyer’s mind these days is where to buy a new or used car. The manufacturing factory outlets of the several automotive brands have been shut down in view of the Coronavirus crisis. The import and export of vehicles is also halted as the target countries are also under COVID-19 lockdown. Keeping this in mind, your best shot to buy a used car is to check local dealership and nearby used car sellers. Here are some places from where you can find the used vehicle for purchase:


  • Ask Your Friends/Family: If someone from your family or friends is selling his/her used car, you can get in touch with him/her to buy a used car. Buying a used car from family or friends is more reliable than finding a new seller and conducting extra vehicle checks.
  • Get in touch with your old dealer: If you have your own car dealer, you might want to call him and inquire if he is selling used cars. Your old dealer will either assist you directly or refer you to someone who is selling used cars.
  • Consider online options: Online listing buying and selling sites such as Craigslist, Carvana and dealership websites always have a great reserve of used cars for sale ads. You can choose a seller, chat with him about the used car and see which of the deals work best for you.
  • Trade your car: If you do not have funds or do not want to take a loan from the bank, you can trade your old car for a used car of your choice. In this case, the trade shall be even.


TIP: Banks have reduced their loan interest rates to almost zero percent and it is a golden time to get a financial loan to finance your used car deal at low interest rates. 

Do not Overspend – Stick to Your Budget

The last thing you want to face in the pandemic is to run out of your savings and destroy your budget. Employees are under a lot of stress and there is no margin for financial mistakes for anyone. Before you decide to buy a used car from any platform, set aside your budget and do not spend a penny over it. Although it is wise to use your savings to get a used car at low prices during the pandemic, it is not a good idea to overspend on a simple used car when you can be feeding your family or taking care of your essential needs.

Follow COVID-19 Safety Measures

Governments all over the world have implemented strict security measures in the light of the COVID-19. Since prevention is the best way to keep this virus at bay, you must follow the WHO recommended safety guidelines:

  • Sanitize your hands as frequently as you can after touching the car
  • Wear a mask and stand at a distance if 2 m or 8ft from each other to avoid contamination
  • Take alcohol wipes or sanitizer with you and clean your hands if you touch the car from inside or the outside.
  • Do not go out to do dealership surveys. Instead, use your research skills to find out more about your designed used car online.

Inspect the Used Car Before Buying

Since it is not possible to spend hours outside to test drive the cars or inspect each vehicle that catches your interest, your best shot to check the validity of the vehicle is to conduct a VIN check. A simple VIN check will help you in determining the following things about the vehicle:

  • Accurate Vehicle Specification information so you can make an informed purchase
  • Salvage/Junk title check to determine whether the car has a clean title or not
  • Vehicle collision check to see if the car has been subjected to flood damage or accidental damage
  • Real Time market pricing analysis to show you accurate used vehicle price and save you from overpaying
  • Odometer records check which will help you in determining the vehicle mileage without any discrepancies
  • Detailed vehicle history to fetch chronologically ordered vehicle records

Final Words

In short, staying at home and researching as much as you can is a good way to make a used car purchase at affordable prices during a pandemic era.