What Expectant Dads Need to Know During the Women’s Pregnancy Stage

When a lady is expecting, it is not just the lady who is having the baby.  It is the lady and her partner who are welcoming the newborn.  They are going through this journey together, from the whole pregnancy stage to looking after the baby after the baby is born.

Most importantly, the parents-to-be need to ensure that they create a healthy environment and change their lifestyle if required to support a healthy pregnancy.  Expectant dads play an equally important role during pregnancy and after the baby is born.  Dads-to-be need to be actively involved throughout, including ensuring the pregnant mum is not stressed up.

There is a list of knowledge that the expectant dads need to know during the forty-odd weeks of pregnancy and after the baby is born.  Knowledge of these matters help expectant dads to better prepare for the arrival of the baby and provide critical support for his partner.

Below is a list that expectant dads need to know during the forty odd weeks of pregnancy stage.

Accompany Partner for Doctor’s Visits

Doctor’s visits help the expectant dads gain first-hand experience of their child’s development, especially through the ultra-sound sessions, when they see the child’s formative stage in the weeks to come.  This builds a connection between the parents and the child and foster closer bonding before the child is born.  They can also use the doctor’s visits to obtain information and raise queries relating to their child.

Bond with the baby-to-be

Babies hearing is developing all the time.  During the second trimester of pregnancy, babies can hear.  During the second trimester of pregnancy, babies can recognise voices.  Therefore, it is important for the dad to be dads to bond with the baby-to-be through the following ways.

They can massage the baby bump and respond when the baby is kicking by feeling it and rubbing gently.  Read, talk and sing to the baby, which is also a rewarding experience for the dads-to-be.

Attend classes for expectant parents

Class for expectant parents is especially useful for first time dads-to-be.  The classes offer various modules

One of the popular class relates to prepared childbirth classes, which provides useful knowledge to help the parents to be better prepare for the arrival of the newborn during the labor and delivery process.  Infant care class is another popular class to attend, which teach parents to change diaper, feed the babies.

These classes provide great opportunities for to know other parents-to-be, which they can form a great support network, to exchange knowledge, feelings and keep one another prepared.

To support your friends who are expectant dads, buy them suitable gifts for dads to be to congratulate them and to let them know you recognise the value of expectant dads playing and active role during the partner’s pregnancy for the good of the child.  The suitable gifts include practical gifts such as baby diaper bag, to gag gift such as funny dad to be t-shirt to heart-warming gift for father and child such as matching outfit.