Motorola RAZR

The segment of the mobile with flexible and flexible screen advances timidly, this year we have known the new Samsung Galaxy Fold or the Huawei Mate X, and in just a few weeks we could know the new Motorola RAZR, one of the most anticipated folding mobiles, which could offer us one of the most popular formats in the market in this segment.

The new Motorola RAZR of the brand owned by Lenovo could certainly become the folding smartphone with a more practical and natural format of use. It is one of the most criticized aspects of folding phones, which are not as practical as a traditional smartphone mobile, and that could change completely with this new model.

These would be the characteristics and appearance of the Motorola RAZR

As you know, the signature mobile was originally a “shell” mobile that became popular with the arrival of the new century, and that offered us a fairly futuristic design for the time. Now Motorola’s technical team has designed a new version of this phone taking advantage of the advances in folding screens. Thanks to this, and as we have known in the last leaked images, the new mobile will have an external design very similar to that of the original mobile, but with the difference that instead of a physical keyboard, there will be a whole screen that will be displayed vertically

Motorola RAZR

This screen would be 6.20 inches and would have a resolution of 2142 x 876 pixels, which would be completely doubled by its central part. When closed, the phone would be half its original size, and it would show us a 2.69-inch screen and 800 × 600 resolution on the front, basically to see the notifications of the different applications.

Motorola RAZR

The phone’s RAM would be 4GB or 6GB, while the internal storage would be between 64GB and 128GB. An interesting aspect of this phone, and Motorola’s intentions with it, if we compare it with its opponents, is that it will not endow this phone with a high-end processor.

Motorola RAZR

In fact, it would have a Snapdragon 710, which would undoubtedly reduce the bill for this new phone, and therefore its price, which should not be as exorbitant as those of Samsung or Huawei folding phones, which exceed 2,000 euros.

As for the battery, it would not have much capacity, surely limited by the phone’s own folding format. This week we have seen images filtered by some of the most reputed leaksters in the sector, such as Evan Blass, with images that leave little to the imagination about the design of this promising device, which should be presented in just a few weeks

Motorola RAZR

The key that we still have to know, in addition to the camera, which in this case is somewhat secondary, is the price of the terminal. It is evident that with the mid-range processor that would offer its price it could be much lower than its competitors, and there could be its strong point, next to a folding format that seems quite more useful than that of other models that we have known so far. What do you think of this Motorola RAZR, do you like more or less its vertical format compared to the folding phones of Huawei or Samsung?



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