Though workforce challenges and supply chain disruptions pose a restraint amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, certain pet products are registering sales in the dog clothing & accessories market. The demand for pet durables such as beddings, carriers, and toys, among other products, is swelling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Ongoing issues of business shutdowns and stay-at-home orders by employers have influenced individuals to adopt pets. Hence, companies in the dog clothing & accessories market are capitalizing on this trend and are increasing their production capabilities to manufacture pet durables.

Other reasons such as having kids at home due to school closures and the disruption of public sports that influenced individuals to adopt pets. The shutdown of recreational and entertainment events is another key driver, which is bolstering the demand for high fashion dog clothing & accessories.

Dog Clothing & Accessories Market Infographic

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Mobile Apps Likely to Enhance Shopping Experience of Customers

Tech innovations are bringing about a significant change in the dog clothing & accessories market. As such, the dog clothing & accessories market is largely fragmented with emerging players accounting for ~73% of the market stake. This is evident since tech startups are tapping incremental opportunities in pet-related app development. Well-executed mobile applications enhance the shopping experience of pet owners and can be a good source of income for stakeholders involved in the dog clothing & accessories value chain.

Dog Clothing & Accessories Market Segmentation

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Due to the growing popularity of per services such as dog walking, pet grooming services, and spa facilities, startups are now taking keen interest in developing mobile apps that help pet owners to shop fashion clothes and accessories. For instance, Stfalcon— a web and mobile app development company is acquiring proficiency in on-demand app development related to dog clothing and accessories.

High Demand for Fluffy Pet Beds and Dog Seat Covers Bolstering Market Growth

Pet products are among popular niches that are witnessing high sales, owing to pet humanization phenomenon worldwide. As such, pet beds and dog seat covers are being increasingly preferred by customers. There is a growing demand for fluffy and comfortable pet beds in the dog clothing & accessories market. Pet beds have been garnering popularity with rising international sales in 2019. However, due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, manufacturers of dog clothing & accessories are likely to experience a slump in sales due to workforce challenges and uncertainty in supply during the second half of 2020.

Apart from pet beds, even multifunction biting toys are gaining popularity in the dog clothing & accessories market. Innovative products are boosting revenue growth of the market, where the market is projected to reach a value of ~US$ 17.8 billion by 2030.

Winning Imperatives: Pop Culture Influence and Product Design Improvements

The Global Pet Expo 2020 has been the much-awaited event for companies in the dog clothing & accessories market. Manufacturers should participate in trade events and exhibitions to gain visibility for their products. As such, Fetch For Pets— a pet products company joined forces with the Star Wars legacy to produce franchise-themed t-shirts and toys that matched the expectations of superfan customers. Thus, companies in the dog clothing & accessories market should capitalize on pop culture trends to increase product uptake.

Innovative water bottles for dogs are grabbing the attention of pet owners in the market for dog clothing & accessories. For instance, Highwave Inc.— a manufacturer of adventure products, is increasing its marketing capabilities to promote its AutoDog Mug that facilitates sustainable water drinking for dogs. Innovative product designs such as leak-tight spouts in dog water bottles are generating revenue opportunities for manufacturers.

Automation in High-tech Products Solve Pain Problems of Customers

High-tech pet products are generating revenue opportunities for manufacturers in the dog clothing & accessories market. The dog clothing & accessories market is growing in terms of volume production, owing to the introduction of innovative products such as automatic ball launchers. For instance, iFetch’s automatic ball launcher is acquiring global recognition in the market for dog clothing & accessories. As such, the global market is projected to reach an output of ~1,758,500 units by 2030.

Companies are increasing their R&D activities to solve unique pain points of pet owners. For instance, YETI – a manufacturer of human and pet products, is tapping into opportunities through online affiliate marketing to increase the visibility for its Yeti Boomer 8 Dog Bowl, which is heavy enough to resist the slight pushes of dogs and prevent water from spilling.

Increased R&D Helps Gain Market Prominence in Furry Fitness Trackers

The dog clothing & accessories market is slated to progress at a favorable CAGR of 5.5% during the forecast period. However, intense competition in the sector of fitness trackers for dogs is posing as a hurdle for manufacturers. High availability of fitness tracker options poses as a challenge for market players who are aiming to gain market prominence. Hence, tech companies are introducing high-tech products that help manufacturers gain an edge over other market players. For instance, the Whistle Go Explore is a lightweight, waterproof GPS (Global Positioning System) furry fitness tracker that helps to monitor dog’s activity levels.

Other innovative products such as packable and water repellent rain jackets are witnessing increased demand among pet owners. Likewise, reflective jackets are being made available in plenty of sizes to meet specific requirements of pet owners. Innovative camping dog beds and dog boots are another novel introduction in the market.

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