Custom NFC stickers are smart tags made with Near-field communication(NFC) technology. NFC is not a fundamental ground breaking technology. Just like Bluetooth and WiFi,it is a wireless communication standard. In the wireless world NFC’s closest relative is RFID(radio frequency identification). Companies love RFID as a way to keep tabs on supply and shipments. But you can also have NFC stickers enabled identification that you can tap on work.

How does NFC stickers work:

NFC works like RFID. Only it is a more up close and personal type of wireless system. RFID can be used from a distance but NFC sticker readers work at a maximum range of 4 inches(10 centimeters). Custom NFC stickers are not suitable for inventory tracking; their range is too short. They can be used in other applications where the ability to change few bits of digitized information comes in handy. NFC readers do not need specialized devices. It can be incorporated right into your smart phone’s circuit. Similar sticker is present at the point of sale in your local store. To pay and select for your purchase, just log in on your phone and you can select your item and move the phone close to NFC reader  and pay for it from your phone .

How to use

NFC does help more than you pay for it. For example,a Custom NFC sticker can be embedded into a political flyer. Tap the tag on your device and it will direct you on the website with candidates information and credentials. At the same time, you receive a snapy biography in the form of text file and image. At your favorite restaurants, you can touch your phone to NFC tagged menu and you have the entire menu on your phone. It will also give you the details and reviews of every recipe. You can also pay for items from your phone without entering credit card details. If the reader has a payment system such as Google pay and Apple pay.

If you have the hardware and software you can take the advantage of near-field communication technology. These are our smartphones, smartwatches, and Apps we install on them. It is the technology due to which you can pay for your groceries and tank of fuel just by one tap on your electronic device. It looks just like science fiction. Technology is now commonplace. Custom NFC stickers allow you to conduct transactions, such as renting an electric scooter or paying for Gas bills without having to download and install a specialized app.

There is no limit when it comes to the potential use of NFC stickers.NFC stickers are passive. It means that they have no source of their own; they get power from the device that reads them. Thanks to mutual induction. When a reader gets a close sticker, it energizes it and transfers data from that.


There are 5 types of NFC stickers. It depends upon the amount of storage , data transfer speed and read/write capabilities. They range from type1 to type5. All NFC stickers are  read-only, yet type1,type2 and type3 can be rewritten. You can rewrite them a thousand times but you can also block them from stopping from rewriting. There is a difference in stickers, usual stickers do not work on metal surfaces. If you are using devices which are made up of metals then you use a special type of Custom NFC stickers made of non metal material and are known as metal stickers in the market.