Coronavirus Lockdown: 5 fun things to do while stuck at home

Coronavirus Lockdown: 5 fun things to do while stuck at home Currently, most people across the world including India are practicing self-isolation and following social distancing to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Now that you are spending most of your time at home, you may want to indulge in activities that can keep you engaged. Besides, this is the correct time for you to pursue your hobbies and learn new skills.

Here are a few things you can do to utilize your free time in this lockdown phase:-

Learn technology – No matter what your profession is, it is the perfect time to find out information about the latest technology. Today, there are ample amounts of free material offered on the online platforms that you can easily access to learn new skills, tools, technologies & academia. Apart from spending time learning technological stuff, you can also learn a new language.

Start reading – Quite often, we grumble not having enough time to go through and enjoy our dearly loved books, due to tightly packed schedules. Well, why not invest some of this time reading your cherished novels or nonfiction titles? However, if you are not an ardent reader but have been looking for something new to keep you busy, you may start reading and develop it as a new hobby altogether!

Learn to cook – In the present scenario, when all of us need to keep calm, getting involved with something as therapeutic as ‘cooking’ would be an excellent idea. Additionally, if you stay away from your family and do not know how to cook, learning culinary skills can be a lifesaver for you!

Do artistic & creative things – Being involved in artistic & creative activities is always blissful! You can travel back to your childhood days and have fun coloring a drawing book, painting, or sketching, etc. You may also learn to create different and unique types of DIY interior decor items like Bio Ethanol Fireplace, by searching for creative ideas online. Believe us, arts & craft is a domain that never runs out of amusing stuff.

Play online card games – Card games are popular amongst Indians since the time immemorial. However, recently, online poker has drawn people’s attention. Playing poker tournaments online is an interesting way to utilize your spare time. Today, there are a huge number of popular poker sites providing comprehensive illustrations regarding tips to begin poker. If you are new to the game, you can easily master the skills to become a pro at it. To start playing poker, you need to check out the sites that offer all the variants of poker and choose the most suitable one, sign-up and you are ready to play!

While some ambiguity is prevalent due to the recent pandemic crisis, we can shift our emphasis on the essential and optimistic aspects of staying at our premises, instead of getting worried. You can channelize all your energies towards doing something productive and exciting such as the activities mentioned above. Stay positive, healthy, and happy!

Coronavirus Lockdown: 5 fun things to do while stuck at home