What is a VPN


A VPN stands for a virtual private network. VPN works by providing online anonymity and privacy, this is through the creation of a private network from a public network connection and hiding your Internet Protocol (IP) address. A VPN works by connecting your phone, tablet, smartphone, and computer to a server, allowing you to browse using the server’s connection. With a VPN service, it provides higher privacy by establishing a secure and encrypted connection. VPN providers are of two types, those that provide Free VPN and others charge for the service. Free VPN may seem like a nice deal but it has its dangers.

Why is it dangerous to use a free VPN?

A free VPN is considered dangerous since they let third parties have access to all of your online activities. Third parties are malicious as they use your internet connection for illegal practices and deny you your connection privacy. Free VPNs are capable of selling your data to anyone they please since they have access to your internet connection. Free VPN offered by service providers may incur data limits as you are not a subscriber. These should be reasons enough to make you wary of Free VPN.

What is the best cheap VPN?

Quality VPN does not have to be expensive. 5EuroVPN service is of high quality with pocket-friendly packages for you, whether it is VPN for your mobile phone or computer. Also, it is user friendly for your devices. Other factors such as fast browsing speeds, online privacy, and secured connections should be considered before obtaining a cheap VPN.
VPN is used to provide online privacy by hiding all your personal information from any prying eyes. This is through hiding your browser history, device location, and web activity. Internet freedom is a crucial human right, strict measures are put in place to ensure no spying takes place.
The internet is part of our life and therefore no harm should come from using an internet connection. Thus the need for a VPN service for our devices. There are several factors to be considered before selecting a VPN and these factors should be suited according to your preference. With many VPN providers, the 5EuroVPN service will give you value for your money internet service. VPNs have many advantages for their users, thus you should get started with a VPN as early as now.