Top Carolina Rappers Rebirth: You Could Look Up a Criminal Record Before Now It’s Hit Music

J Cole on stage

Top Carolina Rappers Rebirth: You Could Look Up a Criminal Record Before Now It’s Hit Music Stars are not born, they are made! How accurate is this statement? When you take a deep dive into the states of Carolina, you will find that the locations are called home by several worldwide renowned musicians. Ever heard of an artist named J Cole? He is a rapper with several hit songs such as ‘for your eyes only’ no role models’ and ‘ Middle child’? Well, he is also a Carolinas states product.

But he is just one of them. There are many more musicians from the regions who were low at some time in their lives. However, they were able to turn their life around and get back into the limelight with flesh hit songs.. Let’s look at some of them, their songs, and how they are currently doing.

With that said, let’s get this show on the road.

Jermaine Lamarr Cole aka J Cole

J cole is perhaps the most famous artist with Carolina roots. He was born in Germany but was raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Jermaine has been making music for more than a decade. He has quite a number of albums and hit songs under his name.

Raised in a single-parent household, Jermaine started rapping at the tender age of twelve, and since then, he has quite a portfolio of skills under his belt. Not only is he a rapper, but he also can play the violin, make beats, and so much more.

Well, has the artist been to jail? The answer is yes! But not as many would think. During one of his tours, he and some members of his Dreamville Records team stopped by the San Quentin State Prison in California to talk with some inmates serving life sentences. This was on his strong views on mass incarcerations and gave the inmates a listening ear. This was noble of him.

J Cole is doing great in the industry, and we are hoping to see more from him.Top Carolina Rappers Rebirth: You Could Look Up a Criminal Record Before Now It’s Hit Music

Zach Chapman aka Blacc Zacc

Born and raised in South Carolina, Black Zacc is also an artist who started rapping at the age of 13. He became widely known in 2010 after his mixtape hit the waves. As he continued perfecting his art, he kept releasing newer mixtapes and keeping his fans engaged. By the end of the decade, he had managed to start his label, Dirty Money Entertainment.

Just last year, 2019,  Blacc Zacc signed to Interscope and released the mixtape Trappin’ like Zacc. This production is one of his best works yet as he also featured other great artists like Dababy, Stunna 4 Vegas, and Key Glock, to mention a few. Soon after the release, he blessed his fans with a single ‘Time again.’ The rapper seems to be on top of his game as he recently released a new collection, ‘Carolina Narco, ’ which is doing quite good.

In 2014, Zach was arrested and charged with an open container of alcohol and trespassing, but that is behind him now as he has maintained a lawful life ever since.



C.KHiD, a South Carolina rapper who went missing a while back, but seems to have resurfaced again in the music industry. The rapper had departed the US a few years ago and has made a remarkable return.

Recently, C.KHiD released two new songs in 2019, ‘If You Knew Better” and “Las Vegas.”  Before this, the ‘Kid’ had was hustling hard as he uploaded five songs back to back on YouTube. The songs are titled ‘ paradise, Spaceship, Get Grown, Used 2 Give A.. and Forward.’  In late 2018, he released another song in his latest album abKw2P. However, this song was then removed, and an updated version was reposted.

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His name is an acronym of the words ‘ Cannot Kill How I’m Dreaming,’ Through this, the rapper views himself more than the typical hip hop artist. He strives to motivate fans all over the globe by writing poetically in his songs such as the ‘love you the same’ title. He has quite an impressive portfolio in his collection the Black Dream Box 1 to 6.

The artist is very inspiring and is set to make a significant change in the industry as his name is painted an admirable picture through several platforms, including CNN and WorldStarHipHop. He reaches out to create traction for other artists through his website as he did for BoutADollar. With such acts, he is, for sure, not the typical hip hop artist.

LeMarcus Raekwon Martin aka BoutADollar Butla

Also known as BAD Butla, the rapper is a 21-year-old artist from Carolina. His rebirth was not one pleasant one because if you look up a criminal record linked to him, you will find quite a few. However, he’s learned the secrets to overcome those glued to his criminal past.

Blogs popularized BoutADollar Butla after his arrest at the Greenville-Spartanburg airport in South Carolina by the feds. His arrest was in connection to a shooting over marijuana that left one man hospitalized back in California. 

Despite all that, he still stands as one of the best rappers that ever came from the Carolinas. And this was well said by the NBA legend Kevin Garnette as he re-posted one of his songs, off it after getting the news from C.KHiD as the new talented kid from South Carolina. That post is about to turn things around for the SC rapper.

One of BoutADollar Butla hit songs the ‘Mutley-G’ and the ‘o’ my’s.’  He is also featured on with his song ‘step out’ with quite a story.

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk aka DaBaby

Formally known as Baby Jesus, DaBaby is a songwriter and rapper from Charlotte, North Caroline. Having released an album this year, ‘Blame it on baby’ with hits like Rockstar and Jump, the artist is on a creative streak. DaBaby has a very charismatic grin that he poses with in almost every appearance.

When you look up a criminal record associated with the artist, you will find quite a list. He has had a whooping 14 incidents that went to court. In 2013, he was arrested and charged for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia of another drug. In 2014, he was arrested for driving without a license and registration in addition to a tinted window violation. Over the years, he has had cases of shootings, more drug possessions, and robbery, among others. But he seems to be turning a new leaf, picking up music which is the best life choice for him. 

Not convinced? Well, the artist has released 3 albums in a span of 2 years. If that is not impressive, then what is? Making music takes time, and this is time he is staying out of trouble. Jonathan’s songs are also making waves in the Tik Tok world. Vibes and Toes both from the Kirk album, went Tik Tok viral. 

Other Carolina Rappers That Have Resurfaced

The late Speaker Knockerz (Derek McAllister) died at the tender age of 19 before he got to celebrate his success. In 2010, Speaker Knockerz graced us with a mixtape after returning from jail where his dad helped him polish. A year later, he sold some of his beats to prominent artists like Gucci Mane and Meek Mill. Before his passing in 2014, he had been a victim of drug abuse [read story here], but he was transitioning to a healthier life. Unfortunately, on March 6th, he succumbs to a heart attack, all-natural, nothing drug-related. The rapper left behind the hits Lonely and Rico a trilogy.

704chop, the voice behind the loyalty over everything and flawless hits, is also from the Carolina state. The rapper is born and bred in the region, having lived through the gang era of the location. In 2015 704chop debuted with his first song, I wish. Unfortunately, he fell on the wrong side of the law and served a two-year sentence behind bars forcing his career to take a halt. But he is back, and back with a bang serving us with a unique sound to his music. His has other new songs, do anything for you, and all I know feature verses from DaBaby and Stunna4Vegas, respectively.

Last but not least, to close our list is the 46-year-old Moses Barrett III known by the alias Petey Pablo. His records hit the billboard and he became golden in the wake of the century. However Petey Pablo was arrested back in 2010 for concealing a gun in an airport, although that is all behind him now. One of his most known hits is the goodies song that featured the star, Ciara. His comeback has seen him scoop a deal with a beer brand, a clothing line, and music as he plans a few concerts at the launch of the beer. Top Carolina Rappers Rebirth: You Could Look Up a Criminal Record 


Now, do you believe that a star is made and not born! Yes, you are born with talent, but your surroundings mold your stardom. Some of the rappers indeed stumbled on the wrong side of the law, but that was not an excuse to stay down. All of these Top South Carolinas rappers and North Carolina Hip-Hop stars rose and chose to stay creative. Down but never out!

Top Carolina Rappers Rebirth: You Could Look Up a Criminal Record Before Now It’s Hit Music