5 Advantages of Corporate Email Hosting

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Corporate Mail is an email address that contains the business name of a company; its name distinguishes it from personal emails, which are generally free.

Among the main benefits of using a corporate email, the improvement in the Corporate Image stands out: because when displaying a corporate email on your cards, it positively impacts the seriousness and trust of a small or medium-sized company. And stability: both the sending and receiving of emails is an activity that consumes many resources of the webserver or web hosting, which is why companies are forced to hire an exclusive hosting service for corporate emails, focused on security, filters antispam, speed, synchronization in various devices, handling of contacts and events, handling of documents in the cloud, among others. Which is the best cheapest email hosting provider company?

Hostingweb.com offers the most profitable option in the market as far as corporate mail is concerned, because you pay for what is used.

Likewise, the offer proposes three types of corporate emails: The Business Plan, perfect for large companies that have a large staff of employees; and the Pyme Plan, suitable for medium-sized companies, so that customers have the one that meets their requirements and finally the Entrepreneur Plan, ideal for small companies.

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Benefits of having a corporate email


This is a vital aspect when managing an email account; since corporate emails offer greater security measures: firewalls, antivirus, and advanced anti-spam filters; to protect both confidential information and devices and equipment from possible viruses or computer attacks.

Audit and control: The corporate mail services have log input/output log tools; so it is possible to have control of rejected, returned or failed messages, fundamental information for companies that do business via email

Management and processing

Good management and processing of corporate email are essential for the proper functioning of a company, for this reason, a corporate email can provide certain advantages that cannot offer free email platforms. Buy cheap ssl certificate uk from the email shop.


Corporate mail offers more efficient management; since through it, groups or worklists can be created and in this way employees can communicate with each other more easily and comfortably. In addition to that, the emails of the clients arrive directly to all the managers of each department.

How to do a business email

A business email is also an email that is characterized by having the commercial name of a company; the name distinguishes them allows it to be distinguished from a personal email and having one generally requires a cost. There are many benefits of having an email of this type, either to improve the image of the company or to gain a better impact on trust; it is mostly looking for a company.

However, having this type of mail requires many resources both in the web server and web hosting, for that reason, each company is obliged to hire a hosting service. Well, now that you know all this you surely have in mind to know how to make a business email, then we will tell you how to carry out this process.

What do you necessity to make a business email?

Before doing what you want, you must stay informed about all the things you need so that you can create your email. These are two points that do not seem to have anything special, but together they can do incredible things, it is also mandatory to have them, a Host and a Domain.

What is the host?

It is a web server that can support several business email accounts, and with it, each member of a project can have a professional email, such as; If you have a company with the name “Repuestosvehicular”, the project members will have an email as follows: [email protected], [email protected] and so on. best dedicated server hosting uk  providers 2024.

What is the domain?

It is a unique name that identifies a website, so it is important to have a domain with the name of your company. There are many platforms where you can acquire a domain with the name of your company, choosing the one that you think is most convenient is a difficult task.

In what way to make a business email?

It is important to have good management and processing of a business email for the proper functioning of a company because with such an email it can provide certain advantages that a free virtual platform cannot, which is precisely why a company has an email that meets those requirements. The email shop is offering a mail365 service.

For this reason, this time we will tell you how to create a business email, which in truth is not easy as it seems, but the objective of this article is that you do not have problems to carry out this process. In order not to go into more detail, I will proceed to explain each of the steps that will allow you to do it, and they are the following:

To start you have to enter the cPanel control panel so that you can access the option “Email accounts”, click on it to continue.

Now they will ask you to enter certain information related to the account, such as an email, a password, and data for security.

Once you have completed the required information you have to click where it says “Create account”.

As you have just verified, it is not so complicated to make a business email and if you carried out each of the steps that we have just mentioned, you will not doubt it. Now don’t waste any more time and discover everything you can do with having an email of this type.

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