Profession doctor: dream, reality, and future

BECOMING A DOCTOR: A STUDENT'S VISION For a medical student, the doctor is first and foremost the other, not himself: the professor who gives the lessons, the assistant who guides the students,...

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies For Businesses

The advent of the internet has helped technologies to develop at an exponential rate. Today as we live in the 21st century, Artificial Intelligence has become the most debated technology revolutionizing...
Pass Your Accounting Exams

Top Tips on Trying to Pass Your Accounting Exams

With an ever increasing demand for accountants, many are now searching for Top tips on trying to pass your accounting exams. It's a stressful time when you have just passed your...

Learning Holy Quran with the Help of Tajweed from Norani Qaida

The Holy Quran is the only source for the Muslims, which is revealed by the Allah Almighty on His prophet Muhammad PBUH. However, this divine source is necessary to learn so...

Why children should learn Quran with online Quran Classes

The first Quranic verses Allah revealed to the Prophet (PBUH) say to read in the name of Allah. The focus of these Quranic verses was on their recitation. It’s essential for...

Top Advantages of Writing Skills for Students

Writing is not an easy task to do because the writer must have the skills so that he or she can write effectively. On the other hand, while writing the writer...
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