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It is the innermost desire of every Muslim to at least become a good reader of the Holy Quran as Memorization is not possible for everyone. There are only a few fortunate ones out of billions of Muslims who get selected and bestowed with the honor of memorizing the Holy Quran. In fact, the journey to memorize the entire Holy Quran wholeheartedly is quite challenging. However, it has an unimaginably high reward from the Almighty Allah.

According to the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the place and value of learned ones are moreover devout ones. Our beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) promised that those who set off on the path of knowledge will have their path to Paradise made easy by Allah. (At Tirmidhi and Abu Dawood).

The esteemed status and superiority of a Quran student, even simply a learner, is very high. However, the higher the status from learner to memorizer, the greater are the responsibilities and the reward. So, they must watch every step.

The students of the Holy Quran are the true heirs of Quranic scholars.  Holy Prophet (PBUH) mentioned them as superior to other Muslims. It is due to the fact that the understanding and knowledge of the Quran are superior to other books.

Understanding of the Last Divine Book is there to enlighten the student. He will surely be successful in this world and the Hereafter. This is because Quran is the ultimate and uninterrupted guidance for the Momin. Teachings of the Holy Quran for the student will make him a true Muslim in letter and spirit. However, to make oneself a good Quran student, his words and actions must be rightly aligned. In the same context, there are some handy tips for the students of the Holy Book to follow.

1. Sincere Intentions

The very first thing that the Quran students should be mindful of is holding sincere intentions. Allah Almighty has granted you the strength and honor to learn the Holy Book so all your intentions should be pure towards seeking His pleasure. Keep your intentions pure throughout the learning journey and beyond. You must always remember that it’s Allah’s Mercy that made you capable of being a Quran student. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to take up this huge responsibility.

It’s a fact that to be fluent and expert in the understanding of the Holy Quran, one needs time. So, the students should have the dedication and willpower to reach their destination. Besides, a peaceful and conducive learning environment is a must to focus on the Quranic verses. 

2. Recite Daily

One of the most important tips for the students is to start reading the Quran regularly. Daily recitation will definitely increase both the time period as well as stamina of the student. It means beginning with 10 minutes’ recitation daily will create the thirst to read more and more. In this way, the learner will build a spiritual connection with the Holy Book and Almighty Allah. He will be easily able to increase the learning duration up to 40 to 50 minutes daily through this technique.

3. Memorize Small Portions

In addition to regular recitation, the student also needs to memorize significant Surahs or portions on daily basis. In this context, it is advisable to make a timetable and then follow it accordingly. The Quran students must regularly revise the already memorized portion. They can either read aloud and record, recite in front of Quran classes online’ teacher or revise in daily prayers.

4. Understand Quran via Translation

Quran is the ultimate source of wisdom for the men of understanding. Once the student will try to grasp the essence of the Holy Quran via translation, the recitation will be more fluent and eloquent. So, as a Quran student, you should have a translated copy of the Holy Quran. You can also benefit from Quran classes online to build a deep understanding of the Holy Quran and its meanings.

5. Queries and Confusions

All the students are not alike in habits and intelligence. There are some students who are too shy to ask any questions. As it’s about learning the Holy Quran so staying quiet and not removing your learning-related queries will not help. As a student, you should understand this important fact. If there is any confusion to understanding the Holy Quran, you must not shy asking from the teacher or a scholar. This will also create learning opportunities for the entire study group.

6. Take Notes

This journey will be much easier if the students take important notes during physical or Quran classes online. These will help you get important lessons from the Quran lectures. Also, these will erase your queries and confusions as you will remember to discuss with your teacher. So, start building this habit today to get the most out of your Quran lessons.

7. Listen to Learn

Listening plays a pivotal role in learning anything effectively. This method may help students of the Quran to learn and understand it quickly and efficiently. Therefore, the student must listen to the recitation of learned scholars to become experts in this Holy cause.

8. Group Discussions

Group discussion will also be helpful. As a passionate Quran student, you should discuss the already learned lessons with other class fellows. Through this tip, the learner will know whether or not he has grasped the true essence of the Holy Quran. Furthermore, when you will discuss the Divine Book’s message, it will be counted as spreading Islamic teachings.

By doing so, the student will be ultimately rewarded by the Almighty Allah. The hadith “best among you are those who learn the Quran and teach it (Sahih Bukhari)” is a testimony to the above fact.

9. Practice Your Learning 

Almighty Allah has made Holy Quran easy to understand and remember. It reveals its inner meanings to those who strive to learn and live by its teachings. Islam is the complete code of life and Holy Quran is the guide to live according to this code. Thus, students should keep in mind that they have to act upon the teachings of Islam. They should reflect their understanding and learning by setting practical examples. Holy Quran’s words are powerful and give benefits to Muslims by strengthening their mental, spiritual, and physical health.

Following these handy tips, make your Quran journey a true learning experience.


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