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Sound long-term strategic planning is essential for a country’s growth. No government can promise its citizens a bright future if they have no plan to back up that claim. Therefore, all proposals must align with a country’s progress aims and economic conditions across all the concerned sectors.

Weak or inadequate planning disrupts optimization, implementation, and consequently operation. Thus, it can be rather tricky to draw a logical long-term developmental plan. But once drafted, its integration can help drive nations towards a model quality of life.

What is the Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision?

Saudi Arabia is a land of seemingly endless golden sand dunes, ever-flowing rivers, beautiful oases, and diverse cultures and histories. This peninsula is home to about 35 million people. The Saudi government has taken the initiative to create a more diverse and stable economy.

What are the pillars of this project?

Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 aims to lift the country’s standard of life by advancing its economy and utilizing its geographical position to its benefit. The three pillars are:

  • A Vital Society
  • A Thriving Economy 
  • An Ambitious Nation

Each pillar is allotted means to achieve the set aims. 

What are the objectives of this vision?

  1. Saudi Arabia aims to improve several social institutions like family and education systems through this program. Therefore, the government and all the concerned parties are optimistic about their success because nothing is impossible when Allah’s help and the people’s will is with you.
  2. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has one of the most powerful economies in the world. But to make it even more sustainable, the Kingdom has devised this plan to diversify its business approach. They work to enable local businesses and investors to branch out in fields other than oil or gas. Moreover, this approach also targets to promote tourists to visit Saudi Arabia
  3. Nothing is possible without the extension of support from people or the nation. If the citizens refuse to mobilize and commit to their country’s progress, nothing can propel it to success. But Saudi citizens, just like their rulers, have a strong sense of conviction and assist in society’s progress on micro and macro levels.


Saudi Arabia is the trade force in the Middle East. This vision will drive its economy to diversify and sustain itself. While not compromising on the Saudi citizen’s standard of life.


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