What is ISSB in Pakistan?

The Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB) is a committee for the choice of commissioned officers in the armed forces of Pakistan, Army, Navy and Air Force. ISSB (Inter-Services Selection Board) test is...

How to Communicate Effectively?

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Music Benefit.

Ways in Which Music Benefits You in Everyday Life: Ultimate Guide

Are you feeling low? Have you ever wondered why music feels so good? We believe that music is as old as time. Ever heard a bird singing? Even nature loves to...

Make the most of isolation with new skills and online courses

Self-isolation, lockdown, quarantine and social distancing - what these new terms in our vocabulary seem to indicate is that suddenly everyone has a lot of time on hand. Unfortunately, there is...


Web Application Penetration Testing – A Definite Guide

Web App Penetration Testing is a method to detect the vulnerabilities using some penetration testing methods in a web application. The technique...