Teaching Students to Conceptualize from Case Studies

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Learning is not just about remembering something, it enhances your creativity as well. For perfect learning, students need to enhance their thinking abilities. So to let a student think critically, case study or scenarios are the best practices. Mostly three parts of the case study are preferred for fast learning. These are actually scenario-based stories about something which represents the main theme of the story and generates questions in the mind of learners. Thus to get answers to those questions that arise in the learner’s mind, he has to deal with multiple concepts and put a lot of mental efforts by using critical and high thinking expertise.

Why case studies are carried out

Let’s understand something about scenario-based stories. It is a condition or situation, a problem or issue that is useful for the students to help them gain knowledge about a lesson and its objectives. For instance in a law course for educational leadership, teachers often generate a scenario whose main goal is to focus on numerous issues and also to align with the concepts and understanding of the lesson’s objectives. On the next day, this case study or scenario can be briefed into just one to two sentences story. This short story or case study helps to engage the students for refreshing their key concepts and get ready for the new lesson of the day. Simply you can call it as a warm-up before a workout. This short story also helps the student at the end of the lesson to understand what they were discussing in the class. So in the final step the teacher presents the case study through a video or news story. To get case study assignment helpmany videos are revolving on YouTube which can be easily accessed through just an internet connection.

The literature that remains attached to the main theme to support, the case study helps the students to put eyes on what is needed. It can be in the form of texts or supplemented objects that are needed for students to study for a course. For instance, this can be a federal code or state that has to be followed. After that, guiding questions are generated which are used to make the student able to understand the distinct outcomes which could take place and possibly create a problem in the real-world. These queries can be as detailed or direct as required.

Types of case studies that are carried out by university students

Just like a study of the book, a case study can offer an important platform for students to negotiate and discuss a case that concerns a certain group. It is useful to make a group of learners able to focus on important concepts or to resolve the issues through analytical abilities. More than that, it can also be helpful to understand the current practice just like an ineffective policy. Case studies are not the modern techniques for teaching, these have been used for a long time, and the case study helps to offer a facility to the student to think out of his boundaries. By using a case study, the students can engage in applying learned concepts with great motivation and by utilizing all his analytical abilities and expertise.

The following are the short examples of case study to completely understand all the three parts of teaching rules for the case study.

1.      Detailed Case Study

The senior of a high school is get caught while cheating in the examination. This exam is important to pass because the passing grade will be included in the overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of the student to generate the final result. The examiners know the student since his admission in the school and student has a good reputation as the best student in their eyes. So the examiners decide to not to report the case to the higher authorities by ignoring the rules and regulations of the school.

  • What would you do as an examiner in this situation?
  • What are your suggestions for the teacher in the scenario?

2.      One to two sentences Case study

Suppose you are working late at night in the university on some kind of paperwork and then you hear loud talks and waves of laughter from a nearby room. After reaching there you see four staff members or teachers drinking wines or beers.

  • How will you react in the situation?
  • How would you make some decision depending on fear or ethics?

3.      Video/News story Case Study

Watch carefully the assigned video. Note that you need to understand what you actually experienced from student’s speech and academic freedom while watching the video.

  • Is there any problem with student speech or academic freedom?
  • Is it good to give such rights to the students?
  • What will be the impact of this?
  • What was the main theme of the speech?
  • What if these rights are not given to the students?

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