Higher Education Solutions Market: Emerging Niche Segments And Regional Markets 2024-2030

Free Information Sharing via Software Measures User Conversions during COVID-19 Outbreak

Software providers in the higher education solutions market have stepped in to offer free college management software and other resources to faculties and administrators during the COVID-19 pandemic. Free college courses and tutoring services are gaining prominence in college management software, since most colleges have opted for online classes during the pandemic.

The famous Black Lives Matter campaign is being adopted in the form of curriculum resource guides and being made available by companies in the higher education solutions market for free download. This is promoting information awareness about racism, oppression, and building healthy classroom environments online. These software are enabling information dissemination about 3D printed respirator mask lessons for students interested in making DIY (Do it yourself) masks.

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higher education solutions market segmentation
Cost, Time Efficiency of Higher Education Software Facilitate Fast Digital Integration

The higher education solutions market is expected to exceed US$ 40.6 Bn by the end of 2030. However, several technology and IT challenges in higher education, such as data security, data-enabled culture creation, and digital integration are inhibiting growth of the market. Hence, companies in the higher education solutions market are offering advantages to educational institutes such as decline in IT implementation costs to help institutes adapt faster in terms of technology.

The reduction in IT management time with the help of outsourcing components of their IT solution helps to accelerate digital integration in colleges and universities.

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Activity-based Remote Learning Opportunities Grab Attention of Developers

The coronavirus pandemic has sparked innovations in virtual learning platforms. This is evident since the space of content collaboration is projected to advance at an exponential rate in the higher education solutions market during the assessment period. As such, the market is predicted to grow at an astonishing CAGR of ~20% during the forecast period.

There is a demand for long-term planning in order to create software that enable virtual learning. Companies in the higher education solutions market are increasing efforts to build mature digital learning ecosystems. Software developers are becoming aware that students require activity-based learning instead of only conducting continuous, monolithic videos. Such trends are paving the way for gamification and guided projects in educational software solutions.

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Limiting Use of Portable Devices Helps Align with Data Security

Colleges and universities are data goldmines, owing to sensitive data collection of the students enrolled in courses. This has stressed on the importance of data security and compliance, especially after data breach news of the Stanford University surfaced in 2019. In order to achieve this, companies in the higher education solutions market are developing software that limit the use of USBs and portable devices, as educational institutes have access toward health records and payment information of students, alumni, and even employees.

Companies in the higher education solutions market are innovating in cross-platform solutions with central administration to facilitate diversity of devices and operating systems.