Vaginal steaming also referred to as vaginal steaming or yoni steaming, is a spa for your lower body. It involves squatting over a seat of steaming water with herbs dissolved in it to clean and enhance the internal reproductive organs. The herbs are usually rosemary, basil, wormwood, and oregano.

How Does Leiamoon Offer Assistance with Vaginal Steaming?

Leiamoon, a New York City based-startup, offers an electronic vaginal steam seat. This technology has made the ancient v-steaming process easier and more accessible. The instrument includes a skin-friendly seat cushion, a steam chamber, herbs cup, and a control panel to help adjust the temperature. The materials used are of the best quality to deliver the best experience.

Multiple herbs that are organic and grown biodynamically are present in the machine to help create the right balance of steam that is aromatic and relaxing. It is a safe and comfortable v steaming seat that can be used at home.

Some upscale salons render v-steaming services but at high prices. While v-steaming can be performed at home, it requires just the right temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, which can be cumbersome. To ease that out, Leiamoon is preferred as it is cost-friendly and has automatic temperature control.

Although there is no scientific evidence to suggest the improvement in health due to v-steaming, it is reported that some women still feel its benefits as the steam from the seat penetrates the vaginal tissues and provides relief.

Some of its Purported Benefits are as Follows-

  • Therapeutic- The warmth brought by v-steaming is reported to relieve stress.
  • May increase blood flow
  • Promotes quicker healing after childbirth
  • Relief from menstrual symptoms like cramps, excessive bleeding
  • Relieves hormone imbalances
  • Decreases fatigues
  • Deep sleep
  • Eliminates generalized pains
  • Promotes Emotional balance

V-steaming has been in practice in Asia and Africa for centuries now and is now gaining popularity in self-care in the West. It’s mainly due to celebrity endorsements.

Along with potential benefits come safety concerns of vaginal steaming. The vaginal tissues are sensitive, and allowing excessive steam can hurt them instead. It can also result in bacterial infections. The v-steaming instrument has to be kept hygienic and clean at all times. Hygiene should be of even more concern to you if you are taking up the v-steaming in a salon.

Although Leiamoon is safe to use, there are practices other than v-steaming that are safer for you and can help ease issues of menstrual cramps, like using a hot water bag instead. There’s no scientific evidence to show the benefits of v-steaming for promoting vaginal health. Doctors generally recommend against it as vaginal tissues are sensitive, and with a lack of knowledge, you can end up getting hurt instead.

The Bottom Line

But if you are still interested in trying vaginal steaming, I highly recommend you to consult with your gynecologist first and then take up the v-steaming practice if other safer practices do not work. The order link and how-to-use guide are given on the Leiamoon website.