Benefits of Mining Gold in Sudan and How the SGC will be a revolution for this

Benefits of Mining Gold in Sudan

Sudan is one of Africa’s largest countries, covering approximately 1 881 998 square km. This ranges between 8.45-2, Sudan3.8 N latitudes and 21.49-38.34 E longitudes. The population is 33,419,625 million. 

Sudan’s mining sector contributes to the national economy by about 8 percent. Gold, chromium ores, gypsum, salt, and building materials primarily cement raw materials are the only resources mined in Sudan today.

With such a large area and diversified geology fusing across the borders of seven countries, Sudan has enormous mineral potential yet to be assessed and developed.

Geological studies indicate the diversity and abundance of Sudan’s mineral resources, especially gold, with the majority of deposits having geology and structure highly favorable for exploration and mineral mining.

Nevertheless, to develop and improve the infrastructure suitable for mineral exploration, the large area of Sudan requires considerable resources and investments that the country currently lacks. Therefore, the Government is now taking numerous steps to encourage investment (i.e. FDI) in precious metals (gold and other) mining, especially in the northern, northeastern and Blue Nile regions, making the development of the mining industry a priority task for the Ministry of Energy and Mining of Sudan.

Sudan has a huge mineral potential that awaits exploration, evaluation, and growth, namely in gold mining.

Infrastructure is evolving, and the investment climate at the national level is supportive and encouraging so the gold mining in Sudan will be beneficial.

How the SGC will be a revolution for Gold Mining

Sudan Gold Coin (SGC) is a revolutionary Blockchain project aimed at developing a groundbreaking decentralized network for the exchange of gold and other precious metals and receiving information on the gold and precious metals markets.

The project will also indirectly invest in gold mining operations in Sudan to provide the right to buy the gold extracted in Sudan to users of the open platform. In addition, the Sudan Gold Coin (SGC) Project offers its Crowdsale investors a unique opportunity to participate in a project in which both crypto and real-world assets are connected to digital tokens (Sudan Gold Coin), with the additional right to purchase a predefined amount of physical gold.

The SGC plans to run a gold mine, which incorporates mineralization on the surface and is dispersed spatially in a manner that is ideally suited to open pit mining methods. Gold quality distribution and the findings of preliminary mineral processing studies suggest that traditional Heap Leaching methods and CIL (Cyanide-In-Leach) can be used to extract the gold from this deposit.

The necessary equipment requires to open pit mining is 30 ton excavators and trucks. Mining is planned on a schedule of 6 days per week, with two 8-hour shifts a day, 312 days a year. Ore production is expected at a nominal rate of 2000 TDP, which is equivalent to 740,000 tons per annum if $10 million is raised. As stated, the project can be scaled so that the output of the ore increases proportionally.

Capital investment amounts to $9,864,000, if $10 million is raised during the Crowd sale. Given the project’s high scalability, the capital investments are $24,660,000, if the desired $28,000,000 is raised. The Project’s total operating cost is about $35.98 per ton of mined ore.


Contributing to the SGC Project is one of the best opportunities to have access to the SGC Network and the right to buy Gold, tangible assets of everlasting worth, with SGC tokens.

Important News 

SGC is launching the IEO on coming 26th Feb 2024 on a reputed Korean Exchange ChainX, you can buy the tokens directly from the exchange here – and also from the official website –