How to make the perfect whipped cream

Whipped cream (not to be confused with sweetened whipped cream, which is a sweet version of whipped cream) is a preparation that is very easy to make at home because it requires only one ingredient and only one only utensil. Whipped cream isn’t unhealthy it is quite good and tasty. Cream, and a whisk! But despite that, succeeding with your whipped cream every time is not an easy task … Fortunately, to help us make a perfect homemade whipped cream, we come up with an incredible tip!

The golden rule: a sufficiently oily liquid cream!

To make whipped cream, you don’t need a lot of ingredients: liquid cream that you will whip to make it rise, and possibly sugar if you want to make whipped cream. But beware: to make a homemade whipped cream every time, you should not choose any liquid cream!

Even if you want to prepare a light whipped cream, you should definitely not choose light liquid cream. Yes, you have to opt for a whole cream with at least 30 to 35% fat. Admittedly, for the line, it is not the best, but there is a very simple explanation: for whipped cream to be well aerated and to take, it must capture air. And the fatter a cream contains, the more stable it will be and the more easily its molecules will trap air.

Conversely, whipping a cream that is too light, you risk ending up with a liquid consistency from liquid …

The second essential tip: fresh utensils!

If many baking preparations require to be made with ingredients and utensils at room temperature, the whipped cream does not play at all in this courtyard! In fact, to make a homemade whipped cream, it is recommended to:

  •         Put the liquid cream in the freezer about ten minutes before starting,
  •         Place the bowl that will receive the cream and the stems of the mixer (or the whisk if it is done by hand!) For 30 minutes in the fridge as well.

The explanation is, once again, scientific: the colder the cream, the more it will trap the air and swell easily!

And if you want to make sure that our whipped cream is going to set well, it’s not just the utensils and the cream that must be very fresh: the kitchen too. Yes: if our kitchen is overheated, we may whip like a frenzy, our whipped cream will never go up. 

Make whipped cream the easy way with a nitrous oxide whipped cream dispenser and cream chargers

If whipping cream by hand is too much of a hassle you can use a nitrous oxide powered whipped cream dispenser. You can easily buy nitrous oxide cream whippers and dispensers and have them delivered to you. Then you just need to put the cream into the whipped cream dispenser, add the nitrous oxide cream charger and you are ready to dispense perfectly fluffy whipped cream with the press of a button.