Tips on posting rental property listing information on real estate websites

Today, the rental property business is very developed, especially in big cities or industrial areas. If you also have a property for rent and don’t know how to post attractive rental listing information on real estate websites, then you can take a look at tips of đăng tin cho thuê nhà below here.

Look for reputable rental listing websites

Today, sticking paper ads on a local bulletin board or distributing leaflets is no longer as effective as it used to be. Now, house rental ads are often posted on real estate websites or even Facebook. Therefore, to post your rental information effectively, you need to search for reputable websites in order to reach the best tenants.

Now, there are quite a lot of real estate listing websites that you can post your information on. One of the popular nha dat websites in Vietnam today is IMUABANBDS, where you can set up basic information about your rental property and quickly reach customers.


Provide sufficient, accurate information

Providing sufficient, accurate information about your rental property is a good way to gain trust and attract potential tenants. Basic information should include address, area, some description of the house such as a number of rooms, furniture, etc. Particularly, you should mention specifically rent price, utilities around such as markets, schools, transportation,…

You need to include sufficient information, highlighting the advantages of the rental property. That helps viewers better imagine the house. Information should be arranged logically, clearly and concisely.


Include quality photos in the rental listing

One of important factors that makes your listing more accessible to tenants is the images. You should have close-up photos showing details of the house. Besides, don’t forget to have photos taken at a good angle that shows the entire space you want to rent out.

The images need to be clear and taken with wide angles, giving potential tenants good impression about your house. You should clean the house before taking photos because no one wants to rent a house that is old, dirty and ugly.

Set the right rent price

One factor that you definitely should not ignore when posting a rental listing is the price. Including rent price in the listing will help you reach the tenants more effectively. However, you need to learn about the market to decide the right rent.

The right rent price may allow you to rent your property after 1-2 days of posting the information. You can browse around real estate websites to learn about common price range in your area from other rental listings in the same area that have the same amenities.

In addition, you should also post the rental listing in multiple websites at once. Instead of posting the information on just one site, you should post the listing at 3-4 reputable websites or even more so that you can reach more potential tenants.

So, in order to post attractive rental listings, you need to have good photos, accurate information and right rent prices. In addition, you need to choose reputable websites to post your rental listing information. Hope that the tips above are helpful for you and may help you rent your house quickly.