Strong development of e-commerce in Vietnam

The development of science and technology has given a very big boost to the e-commerce industry, thereby helping the e-commerce based business achieve great success and develop unexpectedly. Right below here are some benefits of e-commerce:

The benefits of e-commerce for businesses

– Expanding the market: With much smaller investment costs as compared to traditional trade activities, companies can expand the market nationally or globally with low cost.

– Reducing production costs: The application of technology can help companies reduce labor costs, infrastructure costs, thereby reducing production costs and selling prices of products as well.

– Enable to form new business models: New, modern business models with new advantages often add more values ​​to customers., online agricultural auction, B2B exchanges, … are good examples.

–  Reduce communication costs.

– Reduce procurement costs: Through reducing administrative expenses (80%); purchase discounts (5-15%)

– Updated information: All information on the web such as products, services, prices … can be updated quickly and promptly.

– Many other benefits: Improve the reputation and image of the business; improve customer service quality; make new business partners; simplify and standardize transaction processes; increase productivity, reduce paper costs; increase access to information and reduce transportation costs; increased flexibility in transactions and business activities.

The benefits of e-commerce to consumers

– Easy shopping: E-commerce allows customers to shop anywhere, anytime at a lot of stores all around the world.

– Easy to find products: E-commerce allows buyers to have a lot more options because now they have access to many suppliers and many types of products on the internet.

– Lower prices: As the buyers can easily access to diversified information on the internet, they can quickly compare prices between suppliers and thereby find the most reasonable price.

– Faster delivery for digital goods: For digital products such as music files, e-books, software, …deliveries are made easily via the internet.

Introduction about Danangsale Shop

Danangsale is one of favorite e-commerce websites for fashion items in Da Nang, Vietnam. As making use of big advantages of e-commerce, Danangsale has quickly developed and gained success for just 2 years, while most of the competitors are still focusing on traditional trading channels.

Danangsale’s success is based on below factors:

–         Develop e-commerce business based on a friendly website platform, helping customers find products and irrelevant information so easily.

–         Provide quality products at competitive prices. At the same time, Danangsale also offers very diverse designs and styles for customers.

–         Offer a good customer care policy like goods exchange policies, support shipping costs, … Also, Danangsale has a team of staffs who clearly understand the products so they can help customers choose the right product.

Danangsale is a good case study in Vietnam who has successfully applied technology to business. This is also the address of shop thoi trang nu that you can consider visiting to buy clothes in Vietnam.

Danangsale Shop

Address: 16 Nguyen Son Ha, Da Nang, Vietnam.

Hotline: 0935337637