Benefits of Email Hosting

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Benefits of Email Hosting

Does your business already have a corporate email? If the answer to that question is no, it’s time to rethink your strategy and give up free email altogether and move towards the best email hosting services. After all, the free email plans (Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo) have 2 important items to be rethought:

Credibility, professional email generates security and professionalism in the communication of your business. Ex: do you see professionalism in a company that uses the contact email at emp[email protected] or [email protected]? Certainly not

Terms of Use – Free Service: A free e-mail service obligatorily has a clause that nobody reads it with due attention: “I agree and accept that this service (because it is free) may be SUSPENDED OR CANCELED without notice prior. That is, a good part of your company’s communication is subject to being deleted without prior notice. Have you stopped to think better now? Free services on the internet are free by a very simple logic: “When you don’t pay for using a product, it IS WHY YOU ARE THE PRODUCT.”

When opting for a corporate email, your business assumes an identity, professionalism in the management of your information. Therefore, it allows you to manage users and emails beyond security. With this, it does not share information with the providers and will have guarantees in case of any problem. Do you need colocation uk for corporate email? In this article, we’ll show you some unique features of corporate email and show why you should choose a trusted provider.


1. Controlled Access to Corporate E-mail

By hiring a corporate e-mail service, your company will be able to control access restrictions on certain accounts. With this, it is possible to enable the e-mail account to be accessed by a certain IP; this generates high-level security for your company’s e-mail accounts.

2. Corporate email auditing

An important resource is being able to audit your company’s e-mails. The Email Audit feature provides several benefits for the organization. With it, you reduce the chance of information leakage, since when employees are aware of the monitoring of communications; they rethink any attempt at sabotage. Every cheap email hosting are providing corporate emails with anti-spams. Thus, another benefit is being able to assess the employee’s performance.

E-mails can be analysed for quality whenever the company needs them. This ensures more data security since the audit services can be used to restore deleted accounts and recover old emails. Finally, e-mails can be used as proof in labour, criminal and civil cases.

3. Control of all E-mails

With the use of a corporate account, the user can separate professional and personal life and the company can control that the time spent by the employee will be only with matters related to the business. After all, the organization can control the messages sent, block unwanted access, change passwords and monitor actions. Everything would be stored in the best dedicated server hosting UK by their own colocation hosting. Your Therefore, another advantage is not to lose old communications when an employee leaves the company. These emails are stored on the server and can be sent to a new user at any time.

4. Permission for specific accounts to be accessed only at a time

As previously mentioned, the company can control the access time for emails. And this control can be personalized – a specific account can have a different access time than the others. In summary, each employee can be allowed to use the communication system according to their working hours.

This feature is very important, as it ends up with a passive job schedule that uses e-mail (which is considered as legal proof) as an overtime request, which most of the times in bad faith, the employee fires an e-mail of your residence outside working hours to claim undue overtime. That said, you must research the corporate email provider you want to hire.

The professional communication service provides confidence and credibility for your company. Therefore, the contracted service should help you maintain this image and not get in the way. Avoid unnecessary risks; look for suppliers that operate with hosting focused on companies and businesses. With a corporate email, you guarantee greater security and stability.

AntiSpam: do away with unwanted emails

You must have received some unwanted e-mail from a company offering a product or service that did not interest you, right? This type of email is known as spam. Mailboxes full of unsolicited messages end up impacting the productivity of your company, it was then that Antispam appeared to remedy this situation. In this article, we will explain what an Antispam is, what it is for and how it can help in the economy and productivity of your organization. Besides, we will show you 5 tips to prevent your corporate emails from being filtered by this feature.

What is an AntiSpam and what is it for?

The AntiSpam is a resource or tool that filters e-mail unwanted, harmful or not requested by the user. All virtual mail received by the user is filtered and marked as desired or unwanted. The unwanted ones are sent to the inbox and the unwanted ones are marked as spam.

Each email filtering tool uses different techniques to block spans. However, most use analyses to identify patterns that are classified as unwanted by the user. Besides, AntiSpam helps ensure the security of company information, as it identifies fake emails that are used to steal users’ data.

How can AntiSpam help your company?

Email filtering features can help improve your organization’s economy and productivity. By automatically classifying emails as desired or unwanted, the feature saves the employee time, as there will be no distraction or worse, having to make a daily effort to clean their email box.

Besides, the AntiSpam tool has features to check the reliability of an e-mail address, alerting the user when an incoming message is not reliable to be opened. These features prevent companies from falling into electronic fraud, digital vulnerability, viruses and having their data accessed by third parties.

My company works with email marketing, so how can I avoid AntiSpam?

If your business sends newsletters and other communications to your customers, we will give you some tips to prevent your email from falling into any filter and ending up in the spam box

Don’t buy an email list

When using contacts from a purchased list, your company will spend money on nothing and feed a dishonest exercise in contacting people who have not permitted you to do so. In addition to taking a big risk when buying incorrect and outdated information, the chance of people being irritated by receiving your organization’s email will be great.

Write an irresistible title that makes you want to be open

There is no point in having wonderful content if people don’t feel compelled to open your email. So, be creative in writing your headline.

Customize your emails

By placing the recipient’s name, your company makes communication more personal, more personalized and private.

Don’t send an email too often

Only send  

Necessary e-mails, because one of the main reasons for people to unsubscribe from a newsletter is the high frequency of sending.

Avoid long emails

Get to the point, because the longer the communication is, the greater the chance that people will get bored and stop reading. Do not waste your customers’ time, speak only useful and briefly.