TamilGlitz attracts the e-readers by its uniqueness


TamilGlitz aimed to provide abundant information to its Rural readers, who are the next generation regional internet users. They love TamilGlitz content because of their unique and clear style of storytelling.

One cannot ignore the growth of Internet users and Internet media contents. Like same, we cannot simply ignore the growth of many online Media publishers. That too in our Tamil industry publishers be always remembered and cherished by its followers. Recent days TamilGlitz, a Digital Media Tech brand also be seen in the eyes of the Online users. People say that this brand is providing everything what they want to know like political news, entertainment news, Kollywood news, sports news, Current affairs. Everything is made available in the young generation’s favourite Digital media, ‘TamilGlitz’.

This wonderful brand was first initiated by the group of three – Rahul Bala, Mohammed Arqum, Felix B. The publishers says that to it was created to focus mainly on rural 1new generation online readers. So the name TamilGlitz was given to their page. It not only attracted the new generation users but also noticed by many existed online readers. 

1Uniqueness is an art. TamilGlitz contents and words always follow the style of uniqueness. Providing rich content in a correct to right time is not an easy one. But TamilGlitz has taken this as a challenge and delivering them as a piece of cake. Yet, succeeding in such challenges take a lot of effort and manpower to it. The team members of TamilGlitz working hard with diligence to deliver a quality content.

Developing a brand and getting the loyal followers is not a joke. Publishers of TamilGlitz believes that people always crave for something new information. They carry out the work and giving the excellent information to their readers. They are endowed with the ability to give genuine and legitimate content.

Recognition is a dream for hard work. As like that, TamilGlitz were recognized by various Tamil Cinema production houses. Received approvals to promote their movie teasers, trailers in TamilGlitz platform. TamilGlitz collaborated with some celebrities whose interviews were published in the media.it attracts the Tamil regional audiences to connect with the online media to know about their movies, biography, upcoming projects, interviews, reviews, recent works of a celebrity and even personalities from politics, sports too.

Interactions of users in online media is rare. People always interact with others in social media. But interaction in online media is a big doubt. TamilGlitz has broken down such impossibility by conducting public polls for fans of Bigg Boss Tamil from season 1 and has comment section to interact among themselves by sharing their opinions. 

The journey of TamilGlitz is surely noticeable among the followers. It provides impeccable resources to its audience, thus it is standing out in an online platform. Furthermore, TamilGlitz aims to provide much more contents and information and news to deliver to all its followers more accurately. The rich contents make TamilGlitz a highly recognizable one. Their upcoming projects definitely going to make their followers stick to their resource. 

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Twitter: @TamilGlitzin

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