After all, what is corporate email and why is it important?

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Do you know what corporate email is? What is best email hosting? Does your company still use basic email services to manage internal and external communications? Do I need server colocation? Although they are free templates, many limitations make the use of personal accounts on a company scale a headache for the responsible IT professional.

If you already feel in your daily life the difficulty of dealing with such a large volume of information in a structure that was not designed for that, we will explain what corporate email is, how it can help you and how to implement the solution!

What is corporate email and why is it important?

The corporate e-mail is an important tool for communication between the internal and external public, which brings your business some essential features since it gives more professionalism, safety, and control. That is, it eliminates the image of an amateur and unprotected activity.

When using it, you print the brand identity, that is, the domain of the company and not that of intermediaries such as Yahoo, Google, Outlook, etc. – this is one of the primary differences compared to personal email.

Corporate representativeness is a powerful feature of this resource and, therefore, its use must be restricted, since we are also talking about a legal document. You can get many cheap email hosting services to get your professional email.

For further clarification on the subject, we will highlight in today’s post the importance and care that should be taken with the use of corporate email.

How does it work?

Unlike ordinary e-mail, corporate e-mail is also part of a data protection strategy, since the risk of attacks and improper content leaks is significant in the digital environment. Although not everyone knows, the terms of use of the intermediaries make clear the possibility of disclosing the information collected.

For advertising purposes, for example, the service provided by Gmail can go beyond exchanging messages between interested parties. That is an unsafe measure for business activity. For this reason, having the help of a manager is the best way to guarantee the confidentiality and reputation of the brand inside or outside the workplace from the company’s email.

What are the benefits of a corporate email?

Some entrepreneurs still do not know what corporate email is, so it is common to find addresses like [email protected] instead of [email protected].

In short, the acquisition of business domains and, mainly, the contracting of service to support internal and external communication bring a series of benefits to the business. You will not require to have separate colocation hosting or best dedicated server hosting uk to store your emails.  Check out what they are:


Using personal email accounts to deal with customers, partners and suppliers create an inevitable image of amateurism. It is a detail of the company’s operation, but it reflects in the way the public sees the brand credibility and the employees bet on the business.

Besides, accounts without their domain are at greater risk of being ignored by their recipients, for fear of cybercrimes or even because they are automatically directed to the spam box.


Services that offer corporate e-mail allow the implementation of systems that monitor the flow of information in internal communication. When the privacy requirements are respected, this type of resource allows the IT manager to identify the misuse of sensitive data and see possible security breaches – when, for example, one of the employees accesses a malicious attachment.


In addition to monitoring e-mail accounts managed by TI, a corporate e-mail service also offers the viability of histories and backups of these messages, stored on a single server.

With that, no files are lost and digital information is safe. In case any anomaly that has hurt terms of use or the company’s compliance determinations is identified, the evidence can be verified in seconds through a simple comparative search between messages sent.


This communication management also helps company directors to control and optimize the productivity of all employees. The flow of information exchanged by email can indicate processes and tasks that could be done in a more optimized way, in addition to identifying problems with performance and misinformation caused in the interaction between departments.


Another important point in the productivity of a corporate email is to be able to place all company accounts under a single umbrella – sharing the server structure and the management system.

This way, it is easier to create groups and disseminate the content among the employees themselves and the engaged public. The control of senders and recipients is simplified and any issue that arises in the operation or the service can be resolved faster than in any other means of communication.

What precautions does the company need to take?

The company is the legal owner of corporate email, so its use should be strictly directed to professional activities. After all, it is a work tool.

Despite this, the employer must pay attention to the criteria established by the Superior Labor Court (TST), since there are limits to this type of inspection. In this case, it is important to create an internal regulation to establish the terms of usability. Make employees aware of the practice and, if possible, collect signatures as a way of confirming the message transmitted.

How do you ensure the benefits of corporate email on a trusted platform?

With all this information well explained, it is difficult to imagine that it is possible to guarantee security, privacy, reliability, and productivity by maintaining this entire structure on your own. The model is possible, with the acquisition of an internally managed domain, but the most advisable practice is to hire a technological partnership.

The use of cloud computing for managing corporate email accounts is an incredible solution that offers optimization, automation, and support for compliance without these routines overloading the IT staff.

This is a service that offers the performance needed for fast communication and the availability to exchange messages anytime, from anywhere. It also has backup and historical tools for checking and comparing information for security breaches.

Having the supply of this structure and also having the specialized support of the partner to deal with the company’s communication is a great motivator that frees your team to assume a more strategic position within the company – which is less concerned with making the technology work and more with how it can be used to take the business to a new level.

What is corporate email? If that was your previous question, now, you already know everything you need to implement the solution. So, if what you want is a professional and secure communication tool, it’s time to invest in business accounts.

Now that you have knowledge of what corporate email is and understand the reason for using it, why not pass it on to your professional and business colleagues? With everyone’s contribution, the best email hosting service and an engaged IT team, all the advantages and benefits of corporate email are in your hands.