We are all familiar with marketing campaigns. Even if lot of us haven’t rub a marketing campaign on our own, we understand the concept as to what it is and why it is done. We however are not familiar with lot of nitty gritty processes and methods that are done behind the scene to make the entire campaign successful. One of these things is clipping path service.

Putting together a marketing campaign, especially for a big brand marketing, is no joke. It takes skilled marketing professionals and wide range of designers to craft a marketing campaign. Lot of creative minds get together to identify the goal for a campaign as well as how to go about putting the campaign together. We don’t see how it is done behind the scene. We only see the commercial on TV advertising or on websites or print media. Let’s take a look at how a product marketing campaign utilizes clipping path service or ghost mannequin service in their marketing campaign.

Clipping the Object at the Initial Stage

Product photography, whether it is a toy or wedding ring or a fashion product, will have a background. No picture can be taken without a background. Either it is a natural background like ocean shore or at the foot of a mountain, or a studio background like wall, table or studio backdrop. No photos can be taken without a background. While background is an imminent part of a photography, this very background can render a product photo unsuitable for print publication. At the initial stage, the actual product or say the object in an image is clipped out of the image. If a wedding ring for example is the product and is on an image, the actual ring will be clipped out of the whole image to be used for further post production editing.

Ghost Mannequin Editing with a Clipped Image

If the clipping path is done to form a 3D effect for a clothing photography, clipped images are then stitched together to form the ghost mannequin. A graphic designer takes the clipped images, which can e multiple clipped images from various angle based on the goal, and stiches them together using photoshop application. Once the individual cut pieces are stitched, it will now look like the mannequin shape. The formed shape then is used for further editing and retouching to give the image a polished look.

Retouching of Clipped Images for Polished Look

Whether it is individual product photography where the actual product is clipped or ghost mannequin photography where the individual parts are clipped and joined together, detailed retouching is done on the images to give the images a polished look. An expert graphic designer uses his or her creative skills of retouching to retouch the image in a way that makes the product look attractive in buyer’s eyes.

The entire image editing process starting from using clipping path to form a ghost mannequin or finished product is done behind the scene which buyers or consumers do not see. They just see the product the way advertisers or product marketers like the to see the product. The whole work behind the scene id performed to make the product look attractive so that it influences buyer decision.