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Email Hosting

When we propose to do business on the internet, whether it has a “foot” in the physical market or not, we need to pay attention to some details that make all the difference. For example: do you know what is cheapest email hosting?

For some time now, we, from the The Email Shop team, have warned about several aspects in online businesses that, if not taken care of, can give an image of amateurism.

That is why we have already written on this same blog about website hosting, streaming, we have already given tips on how to make an AdWords campaign, how to set up a virtual store … Anyway, everything that is the fundamental basis for an enterprise to start taking off.

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Today is the time to talk about email hosting. We have already produced a text on this, in which we dealt, at the time, with the need to hire a professional email service for you or your brand.

Today we’re going to explore the theme a little more!

What is email hosting?

When approaching a topic like this, some specific doubts may arise. So, let’s start by explaining end-to-end what an email hosting service is.

When you start going online, it is inevitable: you will need a cheap email hosting account.

Whether to create a profile on social networks, make an online purchase or to communicate with a family member who has not yet logged into Facebook, an email account is essential.

As much as there is an exaggerated notion that social networks “killed” the email service, this is a fallacy.

We even talked a little about the subject in another post, in which we discussed the effectiveness of social networks about email marketing.

Well, the moment you realize that you will need an email account, move on to the second step in the process: choosing your hosting.

Like everything on the internet, there are free and paid services, it all depends on what you need at that moment.

When a user is taking their first steps over the internet, the most common is that they are attracted to large companies that provide mail365, such as Gmail (Google), Yahoo !, Hotmail, etc.

There is no bureaucracy. The user provides some personal data and registers an e-mail address of his choice, which from then on will be accompanied by the name of the company after the “@” ([email protected], for example).

For an individual, creating an e-mail account represents a series of new possibilities, as she now participates in a network where she can exchange messages, receive promotions from her favourite brands, stay on top of news through newsletters, etc.

On the other hand, what if you want to start a business, should the process be the same?

The most accurate way to answer whether the process is the same is to say it can be, but it shouldn’t. Keep reading and you will understand the point!

When you create a personal email, you are not too concerned with credibility. After all, everyone uses the best email hosting (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.), right?

However, imagine that you make a purchase at the “Adidas” store and they send the invoice by email, with the sender listed as “[email protected]”. Strange, isn’t it?

You may be very uncomfortable with the situation. The credibility of the “Adidas” brand, in your eyes, is likely to suffer.

After all, it shouldn’t be that difficult to use your domain after the “@”. It sounds like a brand disinterest in wanting to do better.

Well, if you feel that way in a situation like this, why wouldn’t your client feel? If you have an online store called “Mr. John ”, for example, and distributes invoices with the address“ [email protected] ”, is surely departing many clients wary.

This is because they are expecting you to answer them through an email address that is more like “[email protected]”. And therein lies the secret to gaining confidence and credibility in the market.

Especially on the internet, where there are so many scams and scams being given every day, worrying about a “security aesthetic” is very important.

And trust me: “atendimento @ seuproprionome.com.br” is an address with much more credit than “[email protected]

Going beyond credibility

Now that we’ve talked about credibility, which is the main reason that usually makes entrepreneurs look for professional email hosting, let’s address some other equally important issues for those who opt-out of the basics.

Separating the chaff from the wheat

For anyone working on the internet, productivity is a major issue. Various distractions can end an entire day at work without much difficulty

As we said at the beginning of this text, e-mail serves several purposes.

Whenever you make a purchase, for example, your email will be requested and many brands will contact you there weekly.

You can also subscribe to newsletters, chat with friends, anyway… The e-mail ends up becoming a source of distractions!

A professional email colocation uk helps you separate work and personal life.

In other words, you will have two accounts, one to communicate with your customers and the other that will serve only for leisure and entertainment.

Choosing the best domains

When you choose to join the Gmail network, for example, you do not have access to a multitude of domains that are already being used.

Following the example we gave above, the address “[email protected]” will perhaps not be accessible, as it is very mutual and somebody must have previously registered it.

When you use a professional email hosting service, a universe full of new possibilities opens up, since you can use any word before the “@”.

Standardizing accounts

If you work with hired employees, then the need for professional email is even greater.

Imagine the headache of creating just one account shared by everyone?

With the professional email hosting service, you can create as many accounts as you like. For example:

Customer service @ seuproprionome.com.br

[email protected]

[email protected]

And so on.